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The Pregnancy Of Placenta Is A Woman s Body - 1539 Words

Placenta is an organ found in all pregnant women, which forms inside the mother’s uterus and is connected to the fetus in order for it to receive nutrients and be able to develop healthier. After giving birth and ejecting the placenta, mothers choose whether to intake the placenta as a form to recover from childbirth. The placenta is usually made into pills or is eaten raw but is mixed with other foods, such as tacos, kabobs, and smoothies. The intake of placenta has also sparked controversy to those who refer to if as being an act of cannibalism. People think of this as cannibalism because the mother is digesting human flesh since placenta is a woman’s organ. Doctors have noticed these benefits and see the intake of placenta to be risk†¦show more content†¦After a controversial accident in the 1960s, it was discovered that placenta not only could deliver nourishing nutrients but also harmful substances that can defect the fetus. Caffeine, alcohol, and nicotin e are substances that easily pass the placenta and can affect the fetus more than the mother (Hunter par 8). Researchers have found that the last stage of labor took nearly twice as long for women who smoke than women who do not smoke (Hunter par 16). Women have claimed that eating their placenta has led to a reduction of fatigue, a more balanced mood, and also an increase in breast milk production. In some cultures, people bury their placenta and plant a tree over it, calling it â€Å"the tree of life† (Wan par 3). Various cultures treat placenta as another child that contains its own spirit. Placenta contains vitamins, hormones, and minerals that help the uterus heal. The most important benefit known is its high potency of iron, which is extremely good in the aid for a speedy recovery and a particular benefit to vegetarian woman (Selander par 2). These healing benefits of placenta are called placentophagy and have been practiced for centuries. Placenta is an endocrine organ and because it is this specific organ it triggers a production of hormones. The healing process is due to vitamins of iron and zinc, which in return make a woman heal faster from postpartum depression and increase in milk production (Selander par 9). Women ingest their placenta so it

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Business Law Essay - 722 Words

Business owners and managers familiar with the court litigation system understand that high litigation costs and long delays make it difficult and expensive to resolve business disputes in court. They also understand that most civil cases that go to court are settled before trial. They are solved after spending considerable amount of time and money in the complex pre-trial phase, but just in time to avoid the risk of trial. Mediation and commercial arbitration provide superior solutions that help in resolving business disputes. Mediation puts the parties immediately in control of the situation and helps them get desirable outcomes without expending vast resources on litigation procedures (Berg, Permanent Court of Arbitration. International†¦show more content†¦With increased regularity, businesses have chosen alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures of mediation and arbitration instead of the traditional litigation system for resolving legal disputes. Businesses have brought in qualified mediators in the dispute resolution process, to help them come up with preferable resolutions instead of spending excessive resources on pre-trial court litigation processes. In case businesses anticipate disputes that might not be resolved through mediation, they agree at the time of contract signing, to present future disputes to private arbitration. The most widely accepted reason favoring commercial arbitration or alternative dispute resolution is the favorable cost of the arbitral process in comparison to traditional litigation costs. The cost of arbitration, when managed efficiently, can be a fraction of the cost of litigation. In a study that compared litigation and arbitration of employment disputes, empirical data indicated that arbitrations were significantly more efficient than litigation, in terms of time management. Several judges have spoken out about the court crisis, including Kevin S. Burke, Chief Judge of the Minnesota’s Fourth Judicial District (Antonio Buti, 2001). Modern business dealings involve increasing multifaceted interactions coupled with many technicalShow MoreRelatedBusiness Law And Ethics : Backoffice Business Brief1862 Words   |  8 Pages Running head: BACKOFFICE BUSINESS BRIEF 1 Business Law and Ethics BackOffice Business Brief Patten University BACKOFFICE BUSINESS BRIEF 2 Constitutional Rights and Guarantees BackOffice is a new startup business that will provide potential clients with an application (app) that woul d automate certain business functions. BackOffice will be selling the app to certain business clients that will use it to facilitate their customers’ transactions. It is important that the owner of this companyRead MoreLegal Underpinnings of Business Law Essay609 Words   |  3 PagesLegal Underpinnings of Business Law OMM 670: Legal Environment February 25, 2013 Legal Underpinnings of Business Law Business | Type of Business | Liability Exposure | Compare | Contrast | Tinker’s Home Security Service | Sole proprietorship | Unlimited | Monetary rewards are from both the Proprietor amp; business | Sole Liability | Tinker amp; Tailor’s Home Security Service | General partnership | Unlimited | All partners are responsible whether silent or active | If you areRead MoreLaw 531 Business Forms Worksheet1386 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿University of Phoenix Material Business Forms Worksheet There are seven forms of business: sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability partnership, limited liability company (including the single member LLC), S Corporation, Franchise, and Corporation. 1. Research and provide three advantages and three disadvantages for each business form. 2. Provide a 100- to 200-word summary in which you provide an example business that you would start for each form. What is legally necessary toRead MoreBusiness Law3143 Words   |  13 Pages2012 – OCTOBER SEMESTER 2012 STUDENT NAME: CHU THI HONG TUYEN ID No.: 2448481 BMLW5103 – BUSINESS LAW ASSIGNMENT Question 1 Discuss the enforceability of an agreement which lacks consideration. Using legal authorities (relevant statutes and cases) to support your discussion. Answer: A valid contract is an agreement made between two or more parties that creates rights and obligations that are enforced by law. What does the consideration mean? And what does it effect to the agreement? ConsiderationRead MoreBusiness Law : Labor And Employment Law891 Words   |  4 PagesBusiness Law: Labor and Employment Law Each and every day business throughout the United States are met with challenging situations that are centered around labor and employment law. As the director of human resources for Company X, I have been tasked with analyzing three situations that may or may not violate any federal acts. The federal acts that will be considered are the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA), the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA), and the Americans withRead MoreBusiness Law762 Words   |  4 PagesB Bai 1 : Business Law: 40. Principle of Law: In this case, Esposito hired Excel Construction Company to repair a porch roof. All terms of the agreement were specified in a written contract. And the dispute occurred when Excel had repaired the rear porch roof because in the agreement failed to specify whether it was the front or rear porch that needed repair. Under civil law, two parties here had signed a civil contract in writing. Because the contract failed to specify clearly front or rearRead MoreBusiness Law Development Of Mongolia2212 Words   |  9 PagesCourse Paper Myagmarsuren Jargal International American University BUS 540: Business Law for Managers Flavia LLoyd June 28, 2015 Business Law Development Issues in Mongolia Mongolia is a developing country, which is encountering challenges to develop modern business law. During the twentieth century, Mongolia had been a socialist country and developed almost fifty years of non-private property regime. However, the end of the twentieth century, the country changed its regime to democraticRead MoreBusiness Law1345 Words   |  6 PagesQn 1: Whether James can hold the Happy Holiday Hotel for the loss of his property under the common law? The issue of this case will be whether James can hold Happy Holiday Hotel responsible for the loss of his property notwithstanding the exemption clause found in the hotel rooms. Under the Exemption Clauses in Common Law, it states that in order for this clause to be valid, the clause must be included in the contract when the contract is made. If there is any attempt to include it in after theRead MoreBusiness Law1088 Words   |  5 Pagesconditional constitute consideration? Yes, such a promise consideration even if the condition is unlikely to occur. 3. What is the general rule about the adequacy of consideration? The adequacy of the consideration is irrelevant because the law does not prohibit bargains. 5. Is there consideration when a secured note for a lesser amount is given and accepted in discharge of an unsecured note for a greater amount? Explain. No, because if a secured not for a lesser amount is given andRead MoreBusiness Law2474 Words   |  10 Pagesnature of liability in negligence amp; (3.3) Explain how a business can be vicariously liable 4 (4.1) Apply the elements of the tort of negligence and defences in the above different business situations for the legal officer who is assigned to VJSC amp; (4.2) Apply the elements of vicarious liability in above different business situations for the legal officer who is assigned to VJSC 8 Conclusion 11 References 12 Introduction Law plays important roles to protect benefits, obligations and

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7 Top Tips for International Students Free Essays

If you’re an International Student, then you know that studying abroad isn’t one big holiday. It can be daunting to move away from your friends and family, and sometimes your language! It can be a culture shock moving to another place, but at the same time an amazing experience. Here are 7 essential tips that might help some of you during the unique and exciting experience of being an international student: 1. We will write a custom essay sample on 7 Top Tips for International Students or any similar topic only for you Order Now Learn the language. You’d think that going from one English speaking country to another meant no language barrier, rightWrong! The more you can speak like a local the more you’ll blend in and the easier university work will be – even if it’s the same language. Additionally, many international students who do not speak English as a first language can really struggle when it comes to writing their essays in English. If you feel like you need help or support making sure your English is correct, then our site Proofreading Services can help. 2. Explore! Not only is walking great exercise for mind and body but it is also one of the best ways to learn about your new environment. Stay safe and find a walking partner if you can. Walk from your campus to the city centre and back again. Take in every sight, sound and smell. 3. Ask visitors to bring a taste of home when they come to see you. Make sure that when family friends came to visit they bring all the foods and things that you’ve been missing – you might be surprised to find that the taste of a familiar food will help hugely if you feel homesick. 4. Being a foreigner will make you unique. Your classmates will be interested in how you grew up, where you’ve been and even learning your language. Make the most of standing out by offering a unique perspective and fresh outlook. 5. Make friends with your classmates Living in a new country can be lonely. Fortunately, international students have it easy when it comes to making friends as there are instant buddies to be made right there in the lecture room. Turn around, smile, introduce yourself and say where you’re from. That’s all it takes to build lifelong friendships. 6. Take a lot of photos. Memories are great. But images capture a moment so it can be relived forever. Even better, add a soundtrack made up of local hits so you can smile every time THAT song comes on. 7. Be fearless. You’ve not travelled all that way to hide in a corner! Make the most of every single second. You may have family and friends who can’t wait to hear about your adventures; give them something to really be proud of you about. It’s not always easy to be brave, however, so if you feel like you need some support then please contact our site – we are here to help! How to cite 7 Top Tips for International Students, Essay examples 7 Top Tips for International Students Free Essays If you’re an International Student, then you know that studying abroad isn’t one big holiday. It can be daunting to move away from your friends and family, and sometimes your language! It can be a culture shock moving to another place, but at the same time an amazing experience. Here are 7 essential tips that might help some of you during the unique and exciting experience of being an international student: 1. We will write a custom essay sample on 7 Top Tips for International Students or any similar topic only for you Order Now Learn the language. You’d think that going from one English speaking country to another meant no language barrier, rightWrong! The more you can speak like a local the more you’ll blend in and the easier university work will be – even if it’s the same language. Additionally, many international students who do not speak English as a first language can really struggle when it comes to writing their essays in English. If you feel like you need help or support making sure your English is correct, then our site Proofreading Services can help. 2. Explore! Not only is walking great exercise for mind and body but it is also one of the best ways to learn about your new environment. Stay safe and find a walking partner if you can. Walk from your campus to the city centre and back again. Take in every sight, sound and smell. 3. Ask visitors to bring a taste of home when they come to see you. Make sure that when family friends came to visit they bring all the foods and things that you’ve been missing – you might be surprised to find that the taste of a familiar food will help hugely if you feel homesick. 4. Being a foreigner will make you unique. Your classmates will be interested in how you grew up, where you’ve been and even learning your language. Make the most of standing out by offering a unique perspective and fresh outlook. 5. Make friends with your classmates Living in a new country can be lonely. Fortunately, international students have it easy when it comes to making friends as there are instant buddies to be made right there in the lecture room. Turn around, smile, introduce yourself and say where you’re from. That’s all it takes to build lifelong friendships. 6. Take a lot of photos. Memories are great. But images capture a moment so it can be relived forever. Even better, add a soundtrack made up of local hits so you can smile every time THAT song comes on. 7. Be fearless. You’ve not travelled all that way to hide in a corner! Make the most of every single second. You may have family and friends who can’t wait to hear about your adventures; give them something to really be proud of you about. It’s not always easy to be brave, however, so if you feel like you need some support then please contact our site – we are here to help! How to cite 7 Top Tips for International Students, Essay examples

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Passion to Profession free essay sample

A company’s most vital asset is its customers and without them, we would not and could not exist in business. When you satisfy our customers, they not only help us grow by continuing to do business with you, but recommend you to friends and associates. Every single contact with a customer can either cultivate or corrode the relationship with a customer. This includes every letter or email that is sent out, every ad that may run and every phone call made. Working as a Medical Assistant in a doctor’s office is direct contact with patients in many aspects. The customer service starts from the moment the patients walk into the office. Many patients have questions and concerns about their treatments, illnesses, tests, lab results, financial status, etc. , and it is the job of a medical assistant to effectively serve the patient to their satisfaction. My career goal is to teach in the Allied Health field and customer service is a must. We will write a custom essay sample on Passion to Profession or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The three-fold Bachelor’s degree I am now working on at Florida Technical College consists of Health Service Administration, Health Information Technology and Medical Assistant. It will equip me to teach clinical and practical skills to Medical Assistants and other health professionals. In order to accomplish my goal to teach, it is imperative that I learn effective customer service skills. When dealing with students, customer service means going the extra mile, helping students with their questions and their thirst for knowledge. It also means making sure that when it’s time to start the clinical practice; each student understands technique and the importance of following rules and guidelines. In all sense, teaching requires good communication and customer service skills. Teachers provide a service, provide the community with educated people, provide the students with a safe learning environment, and provide the students with useful and relevant education. Teachers do not only teach class, they send out emails, post updates on blogs, have a website on a server; they motivate the students to learn what I know they need to learn. In order to be a good teacher, you have to develop a program that is suitable for your students. You must prepare activities which can enhance the physical, intellectual and cultural abilities of students. A teacher can do so much better in their career and in accomplishing their educational goals with their students if they would add a little customer service strategy to their teaching. Communication Communication is a two-way process of reaching a mutual understanding in which participants not only exchange (encode-decode) information, news, ideas and feelings but also create and share meaning. (Graham, Paul, 2006) Communication involves means such as listening, speaking, writing and reading. All these means can be used for an active communication process. In general, communication is a means of connecting people or places. Many times, one of the biggest challenges people face when developing customer relations skills is empathy. If we are empathetic, it helps us better understand a person or situation, enables us to resolve differences, build trust and respect, and is imperative in leadership. In my personal experience in the medical field, communication has always been very important, and has also gone hand in hand with empathy–the ability to identify with and understand somebody elses feelings or difficulties. Good customer service cannot exist without communication. When I worked as manager of an assisted living facility in Lewiston, Idaho, my job was communication between the elderly residents and their families, doctors’ offices, hospitals, and healthcare and social service agencies. Many times I was liaison between the resident and Medicare/Medicaid. Effective communication required phone calls, conversations with residents and family members in order to make important healthcare decisions, formal and informal memorandums to staff and/or management, and formal professional letters. In all essence, customer service and communication cannot work individually. Communication in all its aspects is imperative for effective customer relations. References: 1. Bolden ,Colon. Jun 28, 2010. Customer Service Tips-The Best Way to Treat People. Retrieved from: http://www. articlesbase. com/customer-service-articles/customer-service-tips-on-the-best-way-to-treat-people-2738621. html 2. Graham, Paul. 2013 Web Finance Inc. Retrieved from: http://www. businessdictionary. com/tips/customer-service

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Agriculture versus Forestry

When making a choice on whether to develop land for farming or forest growing purposes, a number of innumerable factors ought to be considered. Agriculture entails apportioning land to food production and keeping of animals while forestry involves devoting land to the growth and generation of forests. It is imperative to consider some aspects when making a choice on what activity to practice on the land.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Agriculture versus Forestry specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Upon considering how the two contribute towards income and resources, it is noticeable that significant proportions people are dependent on both of them. Agriculture is a foremost source of income in many countries; furthermore, it contributes to a country’s â€Å"Gross Domestic Product†. An appropriate example of a country where agriculture contributes appreciably to the country’s economy is Brazil. It is evident that it contributes 14% of the GDP per capita, 33.5% of its export worth, and 31% to its total work force (National Research Council 38). Conversely, forests also play a role in provision of income to many people in the world. There exist a number of economic benefits that forests provide which are saw timber and fuel. Most veneer industries and local lumbers depend on trees for income generation. As long as these people are featured, they would rather the land be devoted to forest growth. More over by comparing the two, it is apparent that upon consideration of resources and income, the land should be used for agricultural purposes (National Research Council 38). Sequentially, in the endeavor to determine what type of an activity to be dedicated to a land, it is proper to comprehend how the activity would work towards maintaining an excellent ecosystem‘s functionality. An ecosystem constitute of both â€Å"biotic and abiotic components†. Therefore, it bec omes imperative to maintain these components at reasonable ratios for continuous existence. A few of a biotic component include â€Å"sunlight, temperature, and precipitation†. They undertake very significant activities in the ecosystem, which involve making of food from which the biotic components obtain energy. However, in trying to understand how agricultural practice would aid in making sure that these components are in balance, it is notable that flowering plants use â€Å"water, sunlight carbon dioxide during photosynthesis† (Naeem, Bunker and Hector 78).Advertising Looking for essay on ecology? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Upon food generation, the biotic component, which is made up of the human beings and animals utilizes such resources thus energy flow continues in the bionetwork, resulting to its maintenance. Conversely, forest plantations act as the main water catchments zones and this commodity is solely vital in life. Plantations such as rainforests are paramount in attracting rain needed for plants growth that results to food generation. For conducive â€Å"ecosystem maintenance†, forests are known to be a home for many animals. Therefore, destruction of these habitats would greatly result to imbalances in the system. In as much as energy flow in the system is paramount, it is excellent to put animal’s natural habitats in to consideration (Naeem, Bunker and Hector 78). Forested zones are the main river sources since such areas experience rain often. There is a scientific principle that explains why this is true thus; forests are deemed very useful since water is source life. Regardless of the fact that agriculture is pivotal for existence, water that is from rainfall is prioritized. Without rain agriculture can not be practiced. Forests reduce water flow by augmenting infiltration thus improving the quality of underground water and reduce flooding. Forests adv ance the eminence of water in streams by providing shade thus temperature reduction. In most cases, places with no ground cover are prone to erosion. Agricultural practices also prevent flooding aid in water infiltration but to a little extent. As long aesthetics is concerned, devoting a piece of land to agriculture does not help in sustaining the beauty of the country. However, any vegetation cover to an extent helps improve the country’s beauty. Numerous tourist attraction sites are forested zones, because this improves the beauty of any given place. Therefore, it is evident that forests perk up the beauty and appearance of a place. When basing the decision on what practice is most likely to improve air quality, implementing a forest would be a better option because some trees especially rainforest are pivotal in air purification. They are known to take up carbon dioxide and discharge oxygen to the atmosphere that is vital in life. In as much as the above would be factors t o consider when deciding what type of activity to be practiced on a land, the physical climate of a place would have the final decision to be made. In as much as people wish to have fresh air, beautiful scenery, generate income from timber or keep the ecosystem conducive, it might be pretty impossible to assign land for forest generation because the physical climatic condition might not favor it.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Agriculture versus Forestry specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Therefore, in such a scenario, agriculture practice is opted at the end. In a society with enough food resources and other different means of obtaining proceeds, people would practice forestry on any available land other than production of crops or keeping of animals. The available type biome on any geographical area would contribute considerably on what to be done on the land. In a biome like rainforest, agriculture would be th e best activity to be practiced while in a desert keeping of indigenous breeds would be better since the land cannot support plant growth (Kalman 4). In general, factors such as air quality, water, ecosystem balance, and aesthetics would not be very imperative in such a scenario. Works Cited National Research Council (U.S). Managing global genetic resources. Washington, DC: National Academics, 1991. Print. Naeem, Bunker, and Hector. Biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and human well-being:  an ecological and economic perspective. New York, NY: Oxford University Press. 2009. Print. Kalman, Bobbie. What Are Earth’s Biomes? New York, NY: Crabtree Publishing Company, 2009. Print. This essay on Agriculture versus Forestry was written and submitted by user Mikayla Cline to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Business Management Essay Essays

Business Management Essay Essays Business Management Essay Paper Business Management Essay Paper The issue of managing the business is serious. It requires the availability of a specific experience and ability to multitask. A successful business requires full dedication as well as constant involvement. A person who runs a company or is a head of a project has to be concentrated and accumulate in different circumstances and conditions. Only, in this case, you will have a chance to launch a successful business. A business management essay is a type of written assignments, which presupposes the discussion of various situations and nuances, which faces an entrepreneur. What is more, this type of paper comprises a set of effective rules helping to run the business. It also includes the discussion of various issues related to entrepreneurs activity. Also,  it can present either the overlook or analysis of a specific situation. It should compulsorily describe the possible solution to the problem. The business management essay should be highly informative and sense loaded as people consult it as a source of advice. One has to approach this task seriously. An author also will need availability of specific writing experience as well as critical thinking skills. Preparation of this paper requires in-depth knowledge of the market and the business sphere. One has to be able to think analytically and cope with the biased situation. By nature, this type of paper resembles an analytical and descriptive essay with the elements of evaluative analysis. A person working on this assignments also has to possess well-polished writing skills and be qualified in management issues to produce an informative and relevant piece of info. All in all, a business management essay is a complicated type of assignment, and a writer should prepare for its writing seriously. How to write business management essay? A task to prepare business management receive students studying business or management. They have either to analyze a specific market niche or elaborate a business model for a specific project. It is a task for people, who can think out of the box and find non-standards approaches and solutions. It is a great way to examine, how the student perceived a specific course. Also it helps evaluate his abilities to operate the gained info. That is why professors of colleges, universities and business school demand from student preparation of these assignments. To write a business management essay, an author needs to perform a few steps enabling to create an informative assignment. The primary step presupposes the choice or formulation of the topic. One has to concentrate on a specific aspect or introduce a new concept. A writer has to pick the topic carefully as it defines the overall quality and content. It can also serve as an attention-grabbing factor that will attract a target reader. Apart from that, a writer should take care of an enhancement of the text with the plenty of examples. It will help to reinforce the ideas, create many supportive statements and proofs. Apart from content, a writer should take care of the structure of the essay. A prolific strategy is the creation of an outline. It is a great way to put one’s ideas and thoughts into logical order. What is more, it allows presenting info in a condensed form, avoiding cluttering the paper with the useless info. To get enough material and data, one can conduct small research. It will allow gathering all the necessary info. The structure of the business management essay Each type of academic papers has its structural peculiarities. A reader should follow and preserve them. This type of composition comprises the introductory part with a synopsis of a theory, main body with examples and explanatory notes and conclusions summarizing all the points. Each of these sections has its peculiarities and nuances, which an author should take into account while preparing the essay. Primarily, a writer should compile an introductory part. An opening part should be effectively written. The first sentence should provide the general information relevant to the topic. It should give a background for the target reader so that he can understand what if he will receive further in the text. After that, the author has to present the hook sentence. It should be attention-grabbing and effective. The last sentence of the introductory part should present a thesis the spine for the future writing. The next section is called the main body. In the main body, a writer has to present many persuasive arguments supporting the thesis. The arguments should be enhanced with bright examples illustrating the precious statements. The last section of the business management essay is the concluding part. It should present the summary of the main points presented in the composition. What is more, there should be a rephrasing of a thesis sentence. All in all a paper should be compiled logically and coherently. An author has to include only the relevant to the topic info allowing to illustrate and enhance the central thesis. Ability to think creatively would be a benefit. A good strategy will be to add real-life facts and examples to make the text more interesting for a target reader. You can get a business management essay on paperap.com The task to prepare a business managements essay is very serious and requires the availability of profound writing experience. That is why students start looking for essay writing services, which can provide qualified assistance with the creation of a business management essay. On the web exists a variety of business plan writing services, which can provide help with the creation of this type of essay. However, not all of them are credible and reputable enough. paperap.com is a perfect assistant that will help you with the creation of business management essay. We are the credible and reliable platform offering around the clock assistance with all types of written papers. The service hires the crew of advanced authors, who can quickly cope with the task of any level of complexity. We offer many significant benefits, which make our platform worth choosing. Here you can order an essay and receive it within the shortest terms. On the website exists a support team, which is ready to provide consultations at any time. You may ask a question and receive an immediate answer as the department functions in a live chat regime. Choose paperap.com and get the best business management essay from a credible and reliable platform! To get a paper, you need to make an order. To do that, enter the website and fill in the ordering form. There you have to indicate all the essential details. Insert your title, list of references and mention the requirements. After that, you have to provide the payment. The specialists will prepare your essays in accordance with the deadline you mentioned. Contact paperap.com and get the best business management essay here!

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10 conditions to invest in Deep Dyve Organisation Essay

10 conditions to invest in Deep Dyve Organisation - Essay Example is a US based company engaged in the business of providing rental services online for scholarly articles obtained from peer reviewed journals which are meant for medical, technical and scientific research purposes. The articles cover wide range of subjects like finance, business, humanities, IT, computer science, life sciences, etc. (Outsell, 2012). The company is headquartered at Sunnyvale, California and was founded in the year 2005. Previously it was named as Infovell, Inc. and was later renamed as DeepDyve, Inc. in the year 2008 (Bloomberg, 2012). Mr. William C. Park is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and director of the company (DeepDyve, 2012a). The company has a unique business model and has been operating its business successfully since its inception. This study entails about the detailed analysis of the company based on ten different conditions. Those ten conditions discussed in this study includes, demand conditions, knowledge conditions, industry life cycle, pattern of t echnological evolution, identification and satisfaction of market needs in real, entry barriers, understanding of customer adoption, feasibility analysis, managing intellectual property rights and the industry structure in which DeepDyve operates its business. Based on the company analysis recommendations have also been suggested for the investors who wishes to invest in the company. Demand Conditions Demand conditions refer to the attributes related to the preferences of customers related to a certain service or product offered by an organisation. There can be different types of dynamics associated with demand conditions in an industry. It can either have an increasing trend or a decreasing trend. It might be stable over a period or fluctuating in nature. Everything depends on the perceptions of customers regarding a service or product offered to them. To be more specific, three of the attributes related to demand conditions prove to be most important for a new or emerging company or industry. They are: a) Market growth, b) Market size, and c) Market segmentation. It has been found by the researchers that larger markets are mostly profitable for newer organisations like DeepDyve. The company has come up with a new business idea and has successfully implemented the idea to transform it into a business which can cater to the demand of the services required by the targeted customers of the company. DeepDyve has established its business with the motive of catering to the needs of information professionals who visit different journal websites in search of information from the articles published on those journals. It has been observed that millions of such professionals visit those journal websites everyday in search of their required information in the journals and the contained articles. However, open access to most of the peer reviewed journals are restricted to only the users who are either affiliated to or associated with certain governmental or educational in stitution or who can afford to pay for the costs of those journals (DeepDyve, 2012b). Hence, DeepDyve has successfully segmented the market for journal access by information professionals who find it inconvenient to search for their required information in hundreds of publishers' websites and are not affiliated to any of the above mentioned institutions to have an open access to the full text materials inside the journals. DeepDyve has come up with a new solution for such targeted information professionals who can search for their required information at one place in the company's websites and they also have

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IT Consultancy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

IT Consultancy - Essay Example They have a website that has information about all these issues regarding livestock. The problem with this website is that there is no functionality apart from providing information about the various activities in the organization. Due to this, there is a need to have any small web based functionality on the website so that livestock dealers can connect with ILD and interact in a dynamic way. This, therefore, requires that the website has some dynamic aspect that will enable the two entities to communicate and interact more interactively (Grant, Hackney and Edgar 65). There is therefore a need to install e-livestock, which is a small functionality that will enable the dealers to search for livestock, send requests, get feedback and issue queries without having to write emails. This will enable sellers of livestock to send their requests to the website and get feedback. The new application will be an addition of a form to the website. This will require that the form is accessible from a web site, that is, it is web based. For a user to access the form there will be the need to have the following requirements: The above are the requirements for the use of the system. It is a small system because the website is already there. There is no development of the website from scratch. This is a small application that will be achieved using the smallest time

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Race And Ethnicity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Race And Ethnicity - Essay Example The Act and its subsequent amendments offer protection regardless of whether an individual propagates racism deliberately or not in the society (Tonry, 1998: 49). However, racial discrimination persists in British society a situation that has resulted to serious social crisis in the country. Access to medical services is one sector where racism and racial discrimination is prevalent in Britain. Findings from research study conducted by Smedley (2001) established that people from minority groups in United Kingdom experience worse health than those from the majority group. (Smedley, 2001: 25). Though there are various opinions regarding these findings, noted that the minority groups experienced many socioeconomic challenges that undermined their access to medical care. In health sector, Smedley, (2001) argues that perceptions attributed to the biological and cultural differences of the minority groups undermine their accessibility to health in Britain (Smedley, 2001: 37). These percept ions are usually used to justify unfair medical attention in health care institutions across the country. The study established that these negative perceptions prevented minority groups from interacting with medical staff in the country. The minorities face other additional social-economic challenges such as poor economic status and when these unjustified perceptions are included, access to good medical care becomes a difficult challenge. According to Benzeval et al (1992), racial discrimination in the United Kingdom affects health of the minorities in various ways. They include poor sanitation and living conditions, which arises from inequitable distribution of resources, poor treatment due to lack of resources... This paper stresses that health care system in the United Kingdom lacks important aspects, which perpetuates racial discrimination in the sector. These include lack of representative medical staff from the minority groups, insufficient policies and regulations to address patients from minority groups, in addition to very few users from the minority ethnic groups. Other aspects in the health sector include lack of medical staff qualified to work in ethnically diverse environment and poor relationship with non-governmental organisations that provides care to the minorities. Another major area of racial discrimination in Britain is the criminal justice system. In United States, African Americans a minority race continue to suffer from high levels of criminal injustice especially in capital offenses and imprisonments. This report makes a conclusion that the British government has made commendable efforts in ensuring that racial discrimination is eliminated, incidents of racial discrimination persists in the society and in institutions. This trend points to the widely construed notion that regards particular social group of people to certain characteristics. Regrettably, the ascribed notions have been used to draw and direct inhuman treatment to that particular group. In this regard, it is important for all British citizens to realize that respect for human dignity especially to the minority groups is the ideal measure of the country’s social economic development. This can be attained by ensuring equal access to justice, health, employment, education and in the political structure of the country.

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Dying Hopes The American Dream English Literature Essay

Dying Hopes The American Dream English Literature Essay Prosperity and freedom are the values in which America was founded on. America symbolizes hopes and dreams in which people claim that anyone in America can achieve with hard work. The foundation of America is based on equality and the American Dream. The American Dream is the idea that people can achieve their goals through hard work and live happy lives. This is also expanded to being able to be treated with equality no matter what your ethnicity is. The idea of an American Dream is older than the United States, dating back to the 1600s when people began to come up with all sorts of hopes and aspirations for the new and largely unexplored continent. During the 1920s many immigrants came to America aspiring to achieve this dream. They wanted a place to call their own, and successful jobs where they would have enough money to feed their families. This is much like George and Lennies dream of owning the little ranch with the rabbits. However, the reality of the American Dream was not w hat it was all thought out to be. People coming America during the 1920s where ignorant and taken advantage of; much like the ranch hands in Of Mice and Men. People were also discriminated against even though America was founded on the ideas of equality. Women and African Americans were seen as inferior; much like Curlys wife and Crooks. During this time in history, the glorified ideas of the American Dream were not true. The reality of the American Dream was largely dependent on social standing and economic background. American culture is made of a great diversity of people. Under the Constitution it says that all men our created equal, but that is simply not the case with the way discrimination was in the 1920s. During this time there was a great migration of of non-protestant Europeans to America; Jews and Catholics. Many hate groups committed crimes against these people, like the Klu Klux Klan. Not only was religion discriminated against, but race was as well. Hispanics and blacks did not have the same rights as white males. They were treated as inferior for being different. Jim Crow laws in the South made it legal to segregate black people from whites. Not only were minority races separated and not treated with equality, but were also given hurtful racial names. Women were another minority group during this time. They were not given the same rights as men. Women suffragists fought for their rights during this time period. John Steinbeck portrays discrimination in the 1920s in Of Mice and Men. I n this novel all of the ranch hands live in poor conditions; they live in rundown bunk houses. However, the conditions Crooks lives in are far more worse. He lives in the barn around the horse manure. The only activities Crooks is allowed to be involved in is working and playing horse shoes. It is even unheard of for him to enter the white ranchers bunk house. Crooks response to segregation is intended to show the results of discrimination. Crooks becomes a separatist, if he is not allowed in the bunkhouse, then the men are not allowed in his room. -Stella Mcintyre. Also, this novel shows how women were seen in the 1920s. Curlys wife is not even given a name in this book. She is only seen as a sex symbol and jail bait. The men on the ranch refer to her as a tart. The character she is given is not even true to her personality, she really aspires to make something of herself and be an actress. However, she is suck there because she married Curly and it is seen as if he owns her. This shows how little of their lives women has control of in the 1920s. This also show that the American Dreams aspect of equality was not as true as it seemed. In Of Mice and Men, the ranch is a microcosm for the capitalist society of the 1920s. Immigrants in the 1920s expected to come to America and own their own land and make a good living. However, the reality of this was that the people they worked for only used them for their own gain. The employers paid their workers as little as possible so their business could prosper while the workers suffered. The workers never got anywhere in capitalist businesses because they were seen as part of the cycle of keeping Americas economy running. The wealthy ranch owners in Of Mice and Men are seen as the Capitalist employers who use their workers purely for their own gain. The ranch workers are seen as the people trying to support themselves unsuccessfully. When they became to weak to work, they ranchers were simply canned. This represents the ideas of Social Darwinism in the 1920s, only the fittest members of society will survive. The American Dream says with hard work people will prosper, but dur ing the 1920s hard work did not gain success. It got people stuck in dead end jobs where they could be easily replaced when they worked to death. Machine Bosses took advantage of peoples stupidity in the 1920s. They helped immigrants get a place to work and a place to stay. This all was seemly good, however, they asked in return for political support for their candidates who did not support hard working people. These new immigrants did not care though, as long as they had a job and money. In the end, immigrants ended up losing everything because the jobs they were given were not secure and the people they voted for did not support them. This is parallel to how the ranch workers were manipulated on the ranch. The ranch hands were caught up in the racial drama with Crooks to see the real problem which was the wealthy owners. With this preoccupation, they could not see that they were going nowhere staying at the ranch working because the only purpose they served for the ranch owners was to make them money. This shows how during the 1920s in America, the jobs were not for the hard working people to gain any thing. It was for big b usiness to prosper. This conflicts with the ideas of the American Dream. In Todays society, the American Dream has become obscured. It means many things to many different people. However, it is still based on social class. It is believed, in America, that anybody can achieve anything. That any person can go from rags to riches. People today are not satisfied with having property to call their own and getting by successfully. Most people want millions of dollars and all the newest things. The American Dream today is very materialistic. For some people who are impoverished, the American Dream is still the same for them, they want to easily have basic necessities available. The American Dream today is much more attainable today than the 1920s, however. Since Americas government has created laws to prevent the unfair advantages of capitalism, people are able to achieve things through hard work. There are benefit programs for the lower-class so they do not have to live like the poor people of the 1920s. Also, it is true today that people can go from rags to ri ches many of Americas most famous and richest citizens today were once poor. But, today the American Dream is about living comfortably, it is based on the greed that has come over America through the years. During the 1920s, immigrants who believed in the American Dream and came to the United States got a raw deal. The dream of most Americans at this time period surrounding the book Of Mice and Men was only a large cesspool of dying hopes. They were treated with hate and tricked by their employers. These people never made any real money because they were stuck in dead end jobs. The reality of the American Dream is that it is based on race and social class. Today, much has changed about the American Dream but it is not free of corruption; now it is based on greed and consumerism. The American Dream is never what it appears to be.

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Willa Cathers Death Comes for the Archbishop :: Willa Cather Death Comes for the Archbishop

Willa Cather's Death Comes for the Archbishop - A Powerful Non-Novel Responding to the criticism that Death Comes for the Archbishop is not a novel, Willa Cather proposed that the work was a narrative. Her choice of the word narrative signifies that the structure of Death Comes for the Archbishop is closer to that of a biography. A narrative is a type of composition used to recount events over a period of time and can incorporate description as well plot, but it does not necessarily have to. Death Comes for the Archbishop follows the guidelines of a narrative in that it recounts the events of Father Latour's life, beginning when he is appointed to New Mexico and ending with his death. Cather incorporates description into her narration, but does not offer dramatic plot structure. A novel utilizes the elements of narration, specifically including description and plot. Novels also incorporate a climax to the story along with denouement. Plot is unfolded by the actions, speech and thoughts of a character. It is these actions that lead to the climax and the resolution of the story. Based upon the guidelines used to classify a novel, Death Comes for the Archbishop does not meet the requirements and is therefore not a novel. Her work tells a story, but does not offer plot, climax or resolution. The events that are recounted in Cather's work do not build upon each other in order to offer a climax. Each event is no more significant than the one before it; for example, Cather places just as much emphasis on Latour's relationship with Olivares as he does with helping Sade pray (p 175, 213). While the events themselves do not add up to create the dramatic plot structure necessary to call Death Comes for the Archbishop a novel, each individual event experienced by Latour, is in itself a story that includes both climax and resolution. An example of this is Father Latour's death. It begins with him getting sick and living his last days, building up to his final moments and culminating in his death. The resolution to this individual event is the bell tolling and Latour being placed in the church he built. Each event in Latour's life does have plot and resolution, creating difficulty in not calling it a novel. However, if the work is examined as a whole piece, from beginning to end, it is evident that while it fits the boundaries of narration, it does not meet the qualifications of a novel.

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Web Server

Web Server: A webserver is a Hardware device used to host an eCommerce website. The server supports the entire content of the website such as HTML files, Data bases and Image Files. Web Servers will run on operating systems such as Windows or Linux and will use web server software to manage access requests to the website. Webservers are similar to PC’s however they have faster processors and more memory making it much more powerful.Firewall: A firewall is a software or hardware-based network security system that controls the incoming and outgoing network traffic by analysing the data packets and determining whether they should be allowed through or not, based on a rule set. A firewall establishes a barrier between a trusted, secure internal network and another network (e. g. , the Internet) that is not assumed to be secure and trusted. Software Browsers: When you design an eCommerce solution it is important to consider how the site is seen on the web.When customers access an o nline shop they will need to use a web browser to load the website. A browser is a software application on a machine that allows someone to access the internet. When a website is loaded in a browser the html code, css, image and information that is stored in a database connected to the website are rendered together to make the site appear in the browser window. When developing an eCommerce site it is important to test that the site appears correctly in all of the main browsers that people use to access the internet such as, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.Operating Systems: An operating system (OS) is a collection of software that manages computer hardware resources and provides common services for computer programs. The operating system is an essential component of the system software in a computer system. Application programs usually require an operating system to function. Web Authoring Tools: web authoring tools are used to develop the front end of a n eCommerce website. A range of software packages can be used .HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language) files can be created in a web authoring package such as Dreamweaver.The html files created by this software will include CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) files that are used to enhance the visual appearance of the site. Other web authoring tools are graphic design packages such as Adobe Photoshop that can be used to design a skin for the user interface design. This skin can then be exported into a html and css combination that is used as the basis for the developing site. Server Software: Web servers need to run software that manages access attempts to a website.When a user tries to access a website the web server software processes the access request and serves up the correct files that have been requested from the client’s machine. Examples include Windows IIS (internet information services) which runs on windows based web servers and Apache which runs on Linux based web servers. Ser ver Software runs in the background and works over a network to allow a browser stored on a client machine to access the files that make up an eCommerce site. Database System: A database system is an important part of an eCommerce website.The database is used to store information about the products for sale on the site. The database will hold information such as store pricing, descriptions, images and other details. In addition to this the customers details are also stored such as what they ordered, payment details, shipping details, phone numbers, emails and lots more. Staff who are responsible for the delivery of items will use the database that is connected to the eCommerce site to ensure all the correct products are sent to the correct customer.It is important to connect securely to the database to ensure that all orders are processed correctly and the business runs smoothly. Technologies such as a PHP (A programming script) and MySQL are used to communicate between the website and the database management system (DBMS). Network TCP/IP: TCP/IP is a protocol used to transfer data and information over a network such as the internet. TCP (Transfer Control Protocol) is a wired connection between different machines on the internet. A protocol is a rule of how connections are set up between two devices. Anyone using the internet to access an eCommerce website will use TCP/IP.IP stands for Internet Protocol and each device on a network has a fully unique IP address. When a shopper tries to access an eCommerce store they do not need to know the IP address of the web server that the store is hosted on but can type a URL such as www. shop. com into a browser window instead. TCP/IP is a complex technology and normally and eCommerce site developer does not have to have in depth knowledge of the protocols but should understand that they exist. Ports: Ports on different devices allow them to connect to other devices stored on the internet.Ports allow a device with one IP address to access another device with a different unique IP address. A device will normally have more than one port, for example when one user wants to send an email to another they will allow access through port 25 as this is normally reserved for email. When a shopper on a client machine wants to access an eCommerce website they will connect IP addresses from their machine to the web server that stores the eCommerce site over port 80. Other Protocols: FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the set of rules used to communicate information between two devices running on a TCP/IP based network.If the customer online was to request a receipt this would be sent to them using FTP. Domain Names: When starting an eCommerce site it is important to register a recognisable domain name that links to your company and brand. Successful eCommerce companies on the web have recognisable names such as Amazon, eBay, Nike and Argos that make them stand out from the crowd. These are short one word names tha t are easy to remember and suit the company brand. Programming Requirements: When designing an eCommerce site it is important that everything is programmed correctly.Examples of programming that you might need would be embedding JavaScript in your website to increase functionality. PHP might be used to connect the website to the back end database. Complex search queries to find information about your products would need to run on the back end database based on what the shopper is looking for on your site. Security: There are other programming requirements to consider such as embedding security in your site so that customers' credit and debit card information is secure when they purchase from your store.Download speeds: when running an online business it is important to constantly monitor download speeds of your customers using analytic tools such as Google Analytics. You also need to tailor your website so images are as compressed as possible without compromising the quality of the site. All coding and mark-up must run as efficiently as possible so that the site loads as quickly as possible. Internet connection: Internet access connects individual computer terminals, computers, mobile devices, and computer networks to the Internet, enabling users to access Internet services (for example, email and the World Wide Web).Internet service providers (ISP's) offer Internet access to the public through various technologies that offer a wide range of data signalling rates (speeds). Web Hosting Service: A web hosting service is a type of internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations such as eCommerce companies to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server owned or leased for use by clients as well as providing Internet connectivity.

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Book Review Breadwinning Daughters Young Women Working in a Depression

Book Review Breadwinning Daughters Young Women Working in a Depression During the 1930s, the Great Depression affected many states leading to major changes in different sectors of their economy. Canada was one of the countries that became a victim of the Great Depression. Owing to this, the issue has attracted the attention of many researchers.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Book Review: â€Å"Breadwinning Daughters: Young Women Working in a Depression- Era City, 1929-1939† by Katrina Srigley specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The aim of this review is to examine the work of one of such researchers, Katrina Srigley. This paper seeks to analyze her book, Breadwinning Daughters: Young Women Working in a Depression- Era City, 1929-1939 (2010). The Great Depression era affected the live style of young women in Canada. They experienced many changes while trying to adapt to the economic difficulties brought about by the depression. Her book explores the impact that the Great Depression had on young women within Canada. This paper gives a summary and evaluation of the book besides its relevance to the course. The Great Depression era affected the economic stability of the Canadians notably, the young women. During this era, Canada experienced the lowest prices of the commodity that acted as the major source of revenue to the national wealth (Kottman 610). Additionally, the Canadian agricultural sector faced subsequent crop failures due to the drought that occurred between 1933 and 1937. Owing to this economic breakdown, most of the Canadian population became depended on the government in respect of not only their food, but also other basic needs such as clothes, etc. Following the economic hardships, the Canadian population dropped significantly. The birthrates decreased from 13.1 to 9.7 per 1000 people within seven years. The government’s supply of food offered to most of the Canadian population was not enough to satisfy the needs, thus this fact led to inc rease of cases of malnutrition among the nation. However, there were no reported cases of starvation within that period.Advertising Looking for essay on literature languages? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More According to Rooth and Taylor, the rate of unemployment rose by 27% subjecting most of the families to more hardships during that time (572). However, many people moved from their rural homes to search for better lifestyles in the urban centers. Among those who moved to the Canadian cities were young women. The major reason that made them to move to the cities was the hope to find some job there. They intended to utilize their wages to support their families during the depression era. Research has shown that the number of women who joined the labor force rose to 1.3 million representing one-quarter of the employed people in Canada during that period. The technological advancement played a pivotal role in enhancin g the employment of young women during the Great Depression era. The mechanization of many industries led to the laying-off of many unskilled old men because plants and companies were eager to hire the skilled people, and young women were a major part of them. Another reason that led to the creation of feminine jobs was the increased demand of white-collar jobs. Clerical jobs were the major white-collar professions. Many young women got jobs in this sector. However, the phenomenon of employing women in the major economic sectors appeared to be a new dawn in the Canadian society because before the Great Depression era, women assumed domestic jobs. That era led to the incorporation of women in the Canadian labor market who were seeking promising jobs just as their male counterparts. In her book, Breadwinning Daughters: Young Women Working in a Depression- Era City, 1929-1939, Srigley argues that the Great Depression led to economic concerns not only to the government, but also to the entire Canadian population (2010). She points out that many researchers focused their studies on the male population leaving out their female counterparts. In an attempt to seal the gap that these researchers have created in the Canadian history, Srigley focuses on the lives of young women during the Great Depression era. The book presents the findings of the research she carried out during a period of three years.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Book Review: â€Å"Breadwinning Daughters: Young Women Working in a Depression- Era City, 1929-1939† by Katrina Srigley specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More She interviewed more than eighty women who had been experiencing the hardships of the Great Depression during their youth. She focused on their lives at work places, homes as well as in various places within Toronto. The book closely examines the impact that the Great Depression era had on the young women during the 1930s. Many young women moved into the urban cities where they secured jobs earning minimum wages. The sole purpose for entering the labor force was to give financial support to their families. Srigley also brings to her audience’s attention that young women could not afford jobs with the same stature as their male counterparts could. They only got jobs with low wages with little or no power and privileges. The author argues that within the Canadian labor market in the 1930s, women had a limited choice on the nature of the job they would take. Most of the women ended up in clerical or personal service jobs irrespective of their academic qualifications. The young women faced many challenges during the Great Depression era. One of such challenges was racial discrimination. In her book, she records the encounter of one black woman who despite having achieved one of the best grades in college could not secure a job because of her race. She remained jobless for many years, but suc ceeded to endure it all. Another challenge that most young women faced was discrimination based on social class. The book records that young women from poor families were always discriminated, especially those who depended on the government relief supplies. The author gives an example of the mode of dressing that was appropriate for making public appearances by giving the description as well as the photos of one of her interviewee. The young women in the urban centers were insecure to some extent. The murder of one of such women made the rest of the females to live in constant fear of a similar accident that could happen to them. They also faced gender-based discrimination in that employers gave young women the jobs that the men were not willing to take.Advertising Looking for essay on literature languages? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The book also presents the price that the young women had to pay to maintain their jobs. For instance, most of them had delayed marriages while others had to forego marriage to continue supporting their families. The author also notes that young women had to truncate their education to secure as well as maintain their jobs. She explains that truncation of their education increased their vulnerability to jobs with low wages that had no privileges. In her research, Srigley found out that jobs, such as nursing, teaching and clerical works, did not allow women to get married. As a result, most young women chose their career over family life, although it was a major source of stress to them. The women who chose other careers did not attract much attention to this fact if it did not present a significant threat to domesticity. Most of the women that Srigley interviewed admitted that truncation of their education as well as foregoing marriage were the most difficult choices they had ever m ade. The idea of employment for young women also opened a world that they would not have experienced to them. For the first time in their life, they were able to make decisions without the influence of their parents or even close relatives. They could go to places that they would not have accessed before, such as public recreational centers and clubs. The author finds out that most of them obtained a lot of satisfaction and joy from the support that they offered to their families. The author reports that one of her interviewees decided to get married leaving her parents to languish in poverty, and this decision made her to live with guilt throughout her life. Young women formed a major part of the Canadian population during the Great Depression era, which is an important aspect of the Canadian history. The book highlights the plight of women in a male dominated society during one of the hardest times in the history of Canada. The use of interviews in data collection makes her piece of work outstanding. It gave her the privilege of obtaining first hand information from the people who had a personal experience of the hardships that women faced during that period. The women had fresh memories of their experience in the Great Depression era thus making them the best source of information for any researcher. Her findings are in line with other research works that have shown that racial discrimination was rampant in the Canadian society during the 1930s.Young women would not have evaded gender-based discrimination because employment of women was a new phenomenon in the Canadian labor force that had to face some objection from members of the society. The choice of Toronto as a centre for the research was a good idea because it was one of the most affected places in Canada during that time, thus giving a good representation of other similar places. Other cities that portrayed a similar trend during the Great Depression era are Hamilton, Tilbury, Ontario and Windsor (W allace 112). The book gives a general representation of the Canadian young women who were victims of the Great Depression. Major changes occurred during the 1930s in Canada. For instance, one can attribute the rapid growth of urban population to the migration of young women to the cities while searching for jobs. Additionally, it highlights the possible decrease of Canadian population towards the end of the 1930s. We can attribute the decrease to the inability of women to get married due to their jobs, which resulted in a low rate of establishing families within the Canadian population. The acceptance of young women in the labor force was also a major change in the Canadian history since prior to the 1930s men were the sole providers for their families. The book outlines most of the reactions of the larger community to the economic constraints that faced the nation during that time. For instance, the government offered support to most families in form of relief supplies. To some ext end it also assisted in eliminating racial discrimination in that it helped black women secure jobs. Men’s reaction to the phenomenon was significant in the lives of women during that time. Most young men were afraid of marrying working class women since they thought they would lose their power in the family. Some men however supported the move by young women to look for jobs especially their fathers. They recognized the contribution of their daughters to the economy and granted them the permission to pursue their careers. Moreover, their employers who were predominantly men offered jobs to the young women and had faith that they would carry out their roles as expected. Being the first lot of Canadian women to get jobs, the young women understood that it would not be easy for them. Their view of life had to change significantly. They had to make decisions about some important aspects such as marriage and their education. They had to choose between their jobs and their educati on as well as between their jobs and marriage. It also called for one to stand by their decisions. The book employs the possible techniques that can enhance the reader’s understanding of the text. Besides giving her text a systematic approach, she uses photos in her work to enable the reader to have the broader picture of her work. However, she did not exploit all the possible reasons that made most young women to truncate their education. Research has shown that, due to the hard economic times in Canada, most parents could no longer afford to support their children’s education that is why they head to terminate their education. In such cases, the need for a job was not the major cause of truncating their education. Moreover, the book does not address the movement of many urban dwellers from the cities to the rural areas in the mid 1930s and the place of young women during that movement. The book is very significant in understanding Canadian business and labor history. It provides important information on one of the hardest moments in the history of the Canadian economy that caused the loss of the nation’s economic power during the 1930s. The author presents one of the acts that helped in reviving Canadian economy from the impact of the Great Depression in the employment of young women during the 1930s. According to Canadian culture, women were supposed to take domestic duties. The author argues that the efforts of young women in earning wages, though new to the society, were instrumental in reviving the nation’s economy. It also provides important information that enhances the understanding of the economic relationship of different aspects in a nation. For instance, the acceptability of women in the Canadian labor force and the struggle that came with it. The Canadian young women had undergone many challenges before the society accepted and appreciated their contribution to the entire society. They had to truncate their education a nd bear the hostilities in a male dominated society. The book shows that once given the opportunity, women were able to prove to the rest of their society that they were able to contribute significantly to the economy of the nation. It seeks to explain the point and the circumstances that forced the Canadian young women to quit their domestic cores and join the labor force. This equips me to have a better understanding of the Canadian business and labor history. Additionally, since the book revolves on the happenings of the Great Depression era, other researchers can use it as reference for their works. It can act as the basis of future works of research on the topic for people who seek to exploit some of the aspects that Srigley does not tackle to be instrumental in enhancing people’s understanding of the subject. Kottman, Richard. â€Å"Herbert Hoover and the Smooth-Hawley Tariff, Canada: A Case  Study.† Journal of American History 62.3 (1975): 609-630. Print. Roo th, Tim and Taylor, Rebecca. â€Å"Exports and Internal Adjustment during the Slump:  The British Market, Australia and Canada during the 1930s.† The Journal of European Economic History 30.3(2001):569-594. Print. Wallace, Iain. A Geography of Canadian Economy. Don Mills: Oxford University Press, 2002. Print.

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Mosquito Coil Made From Lanzones Essay Essays

Mosquito Coil Made From Lanzones Essay Essays Mosquito Coil Made From Lanzones Essay Paper Mosquito Coil Made From Lanzones Essay Paper Essay Topic: Zone One In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Subject Biological Science Erick Racho – Grade 8 Diocese of KalookanErros Galope – Grade 7 Diocese of Butuan Chapter IThe Problem and Its SettingThis is the first chapter in an investigatory undertaking. It shows the background of the survey. its aims and the statement of the job. In short this chapter gives us the starting of this job or experiment. Background of the Study In this clip of the twelvemonth. more and more mosquitoes are teeming in our milieus. and now some mosquitoes have a virus called dandy fever that can besides kill a individual if non treated. There are already many things we can utilize to avoid being bitten by this insects and one of those are mosquito repellents. One sort of a mosquito repellent is a katol or spiral in English. This is a taper like object that secretes smoke that can kill mosquitoes. Many scientists are now proving if there are alternate stuffs that can be used in doing spirals. Some have discovered that other workss are besides available stuffs in doing mosquito repellents. There are besides other utilizations of workss than merely nutrient. shelter and nutrition but besides a protection against harmful insects. Rationale of the Study The usage of some workss as medical utilizations is a fact that it is possible to do a mosquito repellent with a tegument of a lanzones fruit. Dengue is a really painful virus if non treated instantly. Merely from mosquitoes can we acquire this virus and it is really hazardous if bitten by one with it. These spirals might be one of the things we use but it is made of chemicals so it can non be safe from everyone particularly the fume it secretes. Using workss or fruits as alternate stuffs alternatively of chemicals can alter or destruct those symptoms and could decrease the alterations. Aim of the survey A mosquito spiral made up from natural mosquito driving workss will take the wellness jobs caused by commercial mosquito repellants. If this undertaking succeeds. this can be profitable for concern and can promote others to look for other utilizations of our country’s natural resources. Having an alternate solution to forestall the different sort of diseases that mosquitoes convey particularly dengue febrility and non do another job. Making usage of the natural resources of our state to work out common jobs caused by mosquitoes. particularly dengue. Our state being a tropical state can profit if this experiment succeeds. Statement of the ProblemThis survey tries to happen out the effectiveness of Lanzones desquamations as a mosquito slayer. Specifically. it wil answer the undermentioned inquiries: 1. is at that place a different figure of putting to deaths on the Lanzones mosquito slayer and the commercial mosquito slayer.2. is it more applicable to utilize than the commercial 1.Recent surveies showed that the fume generated from firing mosquito spiral is of certain wellness concerns a individual being exposed to the fume coming from the spiral may endure terrible unwellness and concerns that harms people particularly wheezing people.3. Is it possible to do a mosquito spiral made from lanzones4. Would the lanzones mosquito spiral be better than commercial spiral people use today? 5. Will at that place be harmful side effects if we use the mosquito spiral made from lanzones desquamations? Hypothesiss Some workss are now being studied have other potencies than merely medical specialty or nutrition. Lanzones peelings/skin has other utilizations than merely being thrown. The tegument. of the langsat assortment. can be dried and burned as incense. This tegument of the lanzones that can besides be dried and burned as incense can be a cogent evidence that this can be an alternate stuff for a mosquito repellent. One illustration is an marjoram. it is said that it contains antioxidants. anti-microbial and anti-parasitic compounds. Significance of the Study Our state. the Philippines. is a tropical state and now that pollution is now destructing the natural clime we have. searing heat and heavy rainfalls are what we now experience. These are besides the cause that the dandy fever virus is made. Now that more and more mosquitoes are now holding these virus. we have to utilize mosquito repellents to decrease the opportunity of holding it. The result/s of this survey can be a aid in the devising of new mosquito repellent but made from lanzones and other alternate stuff that can be said safer to the community and to those wheezing. This can besides assist others detect that lanzones besides has a possible in being used as a mosquito repellent. This can besides be a usher in doing a mosquito repellent that people can do in their places. This can be a new find for our community and this can be developed from farther surveies from the Bureau of Plant Industry. As we all know we don’t truly utilize the peelings/skins of workss and we merely throw them off. with this undertaking we can decrease the cachexia and throwing of these peelings/skins of fruits and these can decrease the pollution in our community. Scope and Boundary line This undertaking tackles on doing a mosquito spiral that is made up of natural ingredients that is non harmful to human wellness. Our undertaking besides tackles the protection of human existences against mosquito bites that cause diseases. This undertaking besides focuses on the utilizations of lanzones alternatively of being a fruit that we eat but alternatively a new alternate stuff on an object that can assist our community. Definition of Footings The followers are the of import footings that were considered in the research: Incense. A stuff used to bring forth a fragrant olfactory property when burned Alternative. Something that can be chosen alternatively of something else. Asthmatic. Peoples who have a status that makes it hard for them to take a breath. Mentions: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. prezi. com/qk0anp0reh1r/katol-out-of-lanzoneshypertext transfer protocol: //selftitledasylum. blogspot. com/2011/03/anstor-katol-mosquito-repellent. hypertext markup language

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Iterature comprehension Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Iterature comprehension - Essay Example Robert Lee Frost’s The Road Not Taken is a poem about the contemplation of two different possible outcomes of travel down two divergent roads in the woods. When the traveler is first viewing his choices, he notices that the road down the first path is clear to see: â€Å" And be one traveler, long I stood, And looked down one as far as I could, To where it bent in the undergrowth;† The other path, the one our traveler chooses, â€Å"Because it was grassy and wanted wear† it turns out may not be as different because â€Å"the passing there, Had worn them really about the same†. The contemplation of the two paths, on a literal level, has to do with what the traveler can see and not see on down the road from the vantage point at the beginning of the journey. One path is widely tread and clearly seen. The other one that is unseen, unclear and unknown is the one the traveler chooses. But it is also with this choice that the traveler knows he is ultimately forsa ken the other. After all, as he says, â€Å"Yet knowing how way leads on to way, I doubted if I should ever come back.† ultimately face when we choose one course in life over another. The poet is telling us about the power of free will, that we no longer live under the age of determinism and pastoral control thus we are free to take our own path in life, which in The Road Not Taken, is the one that others have not. I don’t think that Frost is advocating a specific position in this poem. I just think that he is just showing vs. telling the reader that we exist in a time where we have the power to choose one course in life over another. Thus the lesser traveled path is not always the better path, it is simply the one that is lesser known. The path that has fewer unforeseen consequences at the outset is not greater or lesser, it is simply unknown. I think another misconception that is easy to make about the poem is that the poet is sad or full over regret over the path not taken. â€Å"I shall

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How Governments Work Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

How Governments Work - Essay Example All nations throughout the world have some form of government. Governments are intended to be in place to protect the governed. They help keep order in most societies, provide certain common services, and protect themselves from attack by hostile countries (in most cases). The way in which these governments were formed and their laws can vary. Not all nations provide for the same level of personal freedoms as others do. Lawmakers rely on written and unwritten rules to help them determine laws for their people. Most governments are run with their people’s best interests at heart while other governments are run for the sole purpose of satisfying the best interests of leaders. A constitution can be defined as a â€Å"set of rules and customs written or unwritten, legally established by which a government conducts its affairs.† (Roskin, Medeiros, Jones & Cord, p. 46) Almost every nation has either a written or unwritten Constitution. They legally limit the authority of the government. Authority of the government is divided with laws enacted by one segment and administered by another, and an independent judiciary which acts to ensure that laws are administered fairly. Constitutions describe sections of government, their authority and individuals rights to freedom. These descriptions may change based on adaptations made on existing laws. The amendments of nearly any Constitution cannot be changed so easily however the way in which they are interpreted may change. In the United States the Supreme Court must make sure that the interpretations of various laws do not contradict the intended meaning of the Constitution. The Supreme Court’s interpret ation of the Constitution changes as time passes. For example in Plessy vs. Ferguson â€Å"the Court ruled that state laws requiring racial segregation in public transportation did not necessarily violate the Fourteenth Amendment , which provides for equal protection under the laws, as long as the transportation facilities for whites and blacks were physically equal.† (Roskin, Cord, Medeiros & Jones, p.337) However many years later the Court ruled that separate public schools for blacks and whites were unconstitutional because they did not promote equality even though the children were educated in similar facilities. Society’s ideas about the rights of individuals had changed but the Constitution itself did not. Constitutions do not have the solution for every legal problem that can arise so it does not need to be specific. Interpretation of various laws would depend on who is in power and how it may be applied to certain incidents. High courts similar to the United St ates Supreme Court in thirty other nations have this decision making

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Blighs Claims and Liabilities in Tort Case Study

Blighs Claims and Liabilities in Tort - Case Study Example Tort may include that this personal violation or wrong can be negligent or intentional such as battery or defamation of character. Torts can also be violations of personal property as well. Strictly speaking, torts are called civil wrongs as opposed to criminal wrongs. However, torts like battery can be both a tort and a crime and the defendant can face both civil and criminal penalties. Torts may be committed with force or without force to the person or to the property in possession. Tort laws have been enacted to provide relief for the damages incurred and deter others from committing the same injurious acts. Under most tort laws, a person can sue for an injunction to stop the continuation of an injurious act or for monetary damages. Under Tort law, a person can also sue for loss of earnings capacity, pain and suffering, and reasonable medical expenses in the present and projected into the future. Some of the more specific torts include trespass, assault & battery, negligence, products liability, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Tort liability fall into three categories: intentional, negligent and liability. (i) Negligence: Negligence is a tort which depends on the existence of a breach of duty of care owed by one person to another. In order to claim damages under 'negligence', the following conditions must have been satisfied. In the above case, the de... b) The defendant breached the duty of care c) Breach causing harm in fact d) The injury / loss was caused by the breach and damages need to be awarded e) Breach being a proximate or not too remote a cause, in law In the above case, the defendant Mr. Hood had negligently left the keys in the ignition, because of which, Mr. Fletcher took the cruiser without Mr. Hood's permission and hit Mr. Bligh's barge. This has resulted in damage to the property of Mr. Bligh. If Mr. Hood had properly locked it, and had not left the keys in the ignition itself, the damage wouldn't have happened. As such, 'negligence' has provided a cause of action against Mr. Hood. In Donoghue v. Stevenson's case , Mrs Donoghue could sue the manufacturer of Ginger Beer for negligence, since he had not exercised due care in checking the contents of Ginger Beer which had decomposed snail in it. (ii) Vicarious Liability: It is not sure whether Mr. Fletcher is an employee of Mr. Hood. If he is an employee of Mr. Hood, Mr. Bligh can claim damages from Mr. Hood under Vicarious liability as well. "Since his employee harmed the barge of Mr. Bligh in the course of his employment, he is required to bear responsibility for it. In one of the tort cases, the conductor of a bus drove the bus negligently and injured a pedestrian. The court ruled that the owner of that bus is liable for conductor's irresponsible act, since the accident happened during the course of employment. (iii) Intangible Economic Interests / Monitory loss: Because of the above act of Mr. Fletcher, the barge was damaged and took a day to repair. As a result, Mr. Bligh was unable to use it to carry on his transport business and lost a day's profit, there being no other barge available. Mr. Bligh, can claim the monitory loss

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The evolution of human intelligence Essay Example for Free

The evolution of human intelligence Essay The evolution of human intelligence refers to a set of theories that attempt to explain how human intelligence has evolved. These theories are closely tied to the evolution of the human brain and to the emergence of human language. The timeline of human evolution spans approximately 7 million years,[citation needed] from the separation of the Pan genus until the emergence of behavioral modernity by 50,000 years ago. The first 3 million years of this timeline concern Sahelanthropus, the following 2 million concern Australopithecus and the final 2 million span the history of actual human species (the Paleolithic). Many traits of human intelligence, such as empathy, theory of mind, mourning, ritual, and the use of symbols and tools, are already apparent in great apes although in lesser sophistication than in humans. The great apes show considerable abilities for cognition and empathy. Chimpanzees make tools and use them to acquire foods and for social displays; they have sophisticated hunting strategies requiring cooperation, influence and rank; they are status conscious, manipulative and capable of deception; they can learn to use symbols and understand aspects of human language including some relational syntax, concepts of number and numerical sequence.In one study, young chimpanzees outperformed human college students in tasks requiring remembering numbers. This claim was refuted in a later study after it was noted that the chimpanzees had received extensive practice with the task while the students were evaluated on their first attempt. When human subjects were given time to practice, they substantially outperformed the young chimps. Chimpanzees are capable of empathy, having been observed to feed turtles in the wild, and show curiosity in wildlife (such as pythons)[citation needed].Homininae Around 10 million years ago, the Earths climate entered a cooler and drier phase, which led eventually to the ice ages beginning some 2.6 million years ago. One consequence of this was that the north African tropical forest began to retreat, being replaced first by open grasslands and eventually by desert (the modern Sahara). As their environment changed from continuous forest to patches of forest separated by expanses of grassland, some primates adapted to a partly or fully ground-dwelling life. Here they were exposed to predators, such as the big cats, from whom they had previously been safe. These environmental pressures caused selection to favor bipedalism: walking on hind legs. This gave the Homininaes eyes greater elevation, the ability to see approaching danger further off, and a more efficient means of locomotion (see main article for details).[citation needed] It also freed the forelimbs (arms) from the task of walking and made the hands available for tasks such as gathering food. At some point the bipedal primates developed handedness, giving them the ability to pick up sticks, bones and stones and use them as weapons, or as tools for tasks such as killing smaller animals, cracking nuts, or cutting up carcasses. In other words, these primates developed the use of primitive technology. Bipedal tool-using primates form the Hominina subtribe, of which the earliest species, such as Sahelanthropus tchadensis, date to about 7 to 5 million years ago. From about 5 million years ago, the Hominin brain began to develop rapidly in both size and differentiation of function. It has been shown that Great Ape cooperation and communication is severely impeded by their competitiveness, and thus that the apes would revolutionize their culture-bearing ability if they could just shrug off their competitiveness. It is also well known that even early hominins lacked the size and sharpness of their canine teeth that apes use as a threat signal, suggesting prehumans simply had no use for threat signals. That means they had already transcended ape competitiveness and thus developed superior cooperation and communication. There has been a gradual increase in brain volume as humans progressed along the timeline of evolution (see Homininae), starting from about 600 cm3 in Homo habilis up to 1500 cm3 in Homo sapiens neanderthalensis. Thus, in general theres a correlation between brain volume and intelligence. However, modern Homo sapiens have a brain volume slightly smaller (1250 cm3) than neanderthals, and the Flores hominids (Homo floresiensis), nicknamed hobbits, had a cranial capacity of about 380 cm3 (considered small for a chimpanzee) about a third of that of H. erectus. It is proposed that they evolved from H. erectus as a case of insular dwarfism. With their three times smaller brain the Flores hominids apparently used fire and made tools as sophisticated as those of their ancestor H.erectus. In this case, it seems that for intelligence, the structure of the brain is more important than its volume. The social brain hypothesis was proposed by British anthropologist Robin Dunbar, who argues that human intelligence did not evolve primarily as a means to solve ecological problems, but rather intelligence evolved as a means of surviving and reproducing in large and complex social groups. Some of the behaviors associated with living in large groups include reciprocal altruism, deception and coalition formation. These group dynamics relate to Theory of Mind or the ability to understand the thoughts and emotions of others, though Dunbar himself admits in the same book that it is not the flocking itself that causes intelligence to evolve (as shown by ruminants). Dunbar argues that when the size of a social group increases, the number of different relationships in the group may increase by orders of magnitude. Chimpanzees live in groups of about 50 individuals whereas humans typically have a social circle of about 150 people, which is now referred to as Dunbars number. According to the social brain hypothesis, when hominids started living in large groups, selection favored greater intelligence. As evidence, Dunbar cites a relationship between neocortex size and group size of various mammals. However, meerkats have far more social relationships than their small brain capacity would suggest. Another hypothesis is that it is actually intelligence that causes social relationships to become more complex, because intelligent individuals are more difficult to learn to know. There are also studies that show that Dunbars number is not the upper limit of the number of social relationships in humans either

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Ethnographic Research in Workplace Culture Studies

Ethnographic Research in Workplace Culture Studies Summary Ethnography: a research method for deciphering a behavior that is not in words or numbers. Ethnographic Research is a discipline based on the concept of culture that combines tactics of observation and interview to record the dynamic behavior. It needs the personal experience and possible participation, not just observation, by researchers. It has multidisciplinary teams and is very important have a focal point. Ethnographers study any human area; and the principal idea is moving from learning to testing. Ethnography has its roots planted in the fields of anthropology and sociology. Ethnographic research has variations in observational methods, which involves a commitment to get close to the subject being observed in its natural setting, to be factual and descriptive; and variations in observer involvement, observer is also a participant in the program activities being studied. In participant observation the challenge is to combine participation and observation so as to become capable of understanding the experience as an insider while describing the experience for outsiders. Three methodological principles: Naturalism. The objectives are the ethnographers carry out their research in natural, settings that exist independently of the research process. And the notion of naturalism implies that social events and processes must be explained in terms of their relationship to the context in which they occur. Understanding: in this point the human actions differ from the behavior of physical objects; involve interpretation of stimulus and the construction of responses. It is necessary to learn the culture of the group one is studying before one can produce valid explanations for the behavior of its members. Discovery: They have a general interest in some types of social phenomenon and/or in some theoretical issue or practical problem. The ethnographic research has generic guidelines for conducting fieldwork, and in particular evaluation situation, the needs of the interview, and the personal style of the interviewer all come together to create a unique situation for each interview. It is important have in mind that the privacy or copyright issues may apply to the documents gathered. Regard to ethics in ethnographic research; the researchers must make their research goals clear to the members of the community, where they undertake their research and gain the informed consent of their consultants to the research beforehand. The purpose of analysis is to organize the description in a way that makes it manageable. Description is balanced by analysis and leads into interpretation. Ethnographic With International Business The relationship between ethnographic research and international business has a great importance in our organisations, because they musthave a comprehensive and specific knowledge of the characteristics of each of its target markets in which they want to generate future international negotiations. Then as ethnographic research is the study of customs, behaviors, symbols of a specific culture, it becomes a tool that brings efficiency when business worldwide take place, because these studies facilitate to the organisation to adapt faster according to the features of the culture target. The ethnography as research method allows the companies to get an idea on consumers actual practices, and suggests the needs to promote certain products and communication strategies. Thus, problems are not verbally articulated by consumers are identified by the ethnographer, and turned into opportunities for modifying marketing strategies. Ethnographic observation came to be the first step towards innovation, because it promotes the discovery of uncover opportunities , not articulated in words or concepts. The ethnography of markets is an effective way to develop a detailed and contextualized understanding of the behavior and choices of consumers. For example, some applications in which ethnography has proven to be useful are: In the discovery and development of new products. The ethnographic approach is useful in studying the internal operations of businesses, employee groups and business environments. By knowing the appropriate language and cultural codes in different regions and cultural groups through ethnographic immersion, it is possible to reach new market niches such as groups ensuring loyalty to brands. References GORDILLO, Andrà ©s. â€Å"Contac with the real world†. [http://www.centronacionaldeconsultoria.com/articulos/Contacto%20con%20el%20mundo%20real.pdf] McDonalds [EAST http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgN7UNrjf3kfeature=related] [INDIA www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvjK5FJJjrQfeature=related] [EUROPE www.youtube.com/watch?v=aS3qoo0hzu0feature=related] [ www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDix0VvrV1g ] [ www.youtube.com/watch?v=40DykbPa4LcNR=1 ]   GENZUK, Michael. A synthesis of ethnographic research.   www-rcf.usc.edu/~genzuk/Ethnographic_Research   www.youtube.com   Class presentation. Ethnographic research.2010 National Organisational Culture National culture is a matter of what people believe deep down, and no one can force or buy such belief. [Millman, Gregory J.Culture. Jul 1, 2007] Organizational culture has expectations, standards and goals common to a group experiences, beliefs and values, both personal and cultural organization. So, organizational culture is different to national culture and is incorrect put in the same place, is necessary separate. So start in the organizational culture to one person, that in group develop and shape an organization, any and all decide to follow and work with it. It is important to recognize that organizational culture takes time to apply within an organization and describe the whole collection of assumptions, practices and norms that people adopt in an organization over time. The resulting culture of the organization is externally influenced by the culture of the nation and in many cases the communities that surround it. Now when we talk about changes in a company is not about changing the culture, but rather help it to solve the problems. A change in behavior depends on how the company uses its cultural strength, changing certain actions people should and should not do. The idea of changing culture in order to achieve some business objective, or even to comply with a court order, comes from a misunderstanding of what culture means. Cultural anything comes at the end of the process, and the cultures don ´t change, is possible but think I am trying a new strategy, trying to use acquisitions and integrate them to make the company grow. The point is, you do not go out and try to change the culture. You do something to improve performance. When entrepreneurs start businesses, they do what makes sense to them in the context of values and assumptions they may have had in mind since they were children. How they treat their people, and what their people expect, may depend on national cultural assumptions so deeply rooted that few ever question them but they can stymie attempts to change corporate culture. Now, in globalization, we need people who make slow decisions, who think before they act, who do not immediately voice any opinions, who are prepared to go against established practice.   Mead, Richard. 2004. International Management: Cross-Cultural Dimensions London: Blackwell Publishing. Chapter 1.   Millman, Gregory J. . 2007. Corporate Culture: more myth than reality? . The Free Library 23:44-47. Millman, Gregory J. (2007, July 1). Posted by MARIA CAMILA at 2:20 PM Is a corporate culture in every organisation?- Can it be modified?- How does is affect processes that require a deep organizational change? Organisational culture is the union of values (beliefs, ideas,) and rules which are shared by individuals and by groups within an organisation, which define the way you interact between people and the environment of the organisation. So, is possible that in every organisation are corporate cultures. With targets set from the values of the organisation, develop standards, guidelines and expectations that determine the appropriate behavior of workers in particular situations. But trying to determine the corporate culture, the desire to impose values and behavior standards that reflect the objectives of the organisation, not an easy task, since past situations brings with organisational decisions could be taken earlier. Organisational culture is symbolic, with its element leads its members to establish identity and exclusion processes. It is intangible and the only observable manifestations, so to get to change it; you have to start making simple changes from the symbols and customs that guide it. For example, in the conduct of its old and new workers, it should encompass all levels and departments within the organisation, from personal and social relations to the accounting rules. This culture has several effects on the behavior of its members, like: The attraction and selection processes. On memory processes and voluntary turnover, that if there is greater understanding between the values of employees and organisational culture, the greater the employee commitment to the organisation, and less voluntary departure. To be successful, changes in competitive strategy will require a consistent change in people, work roles, organizational structure, and technology. Internal changes in the organizational approach to improve human capability will require organizational learning, and an alignment of the strengths and values within the organization. By aligning the strengths and values within the organization, it will improve the overall success of the competitive strategy and meet with the long-term goals of the organization.Ver: [www.managementorganizationaldevelopment.blogspot.com ] If a culture is achieved flexible, changing cash, may adapt more easily to the external environment, fulfilling its mission and vision for. References Millman, Gregory J. Corporate Culture: more myth than reality?. Jul 1, 2007 www.humanresources.about.com/od/organizationalculture/ www.au.af.mil/au/awc/awcgate/ndu www.soi.org/reading/change/culture TOGGENBURG, Gabriel. EURAC research:Who is Managing Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in the European Condominium? The Moments of Entry, Integration and Preservation. Posted by MARIA CAMILA at 4:24 PM Migrants Workers Immigration to Canada refers to the process by people from other countries migrate to Canada to live permanently. Canada must have experienced some sort of immigration over the course of its early existence, for it had a population of around five million by 1901. Along the Canadian history millions of people have migrated to this country and nowadays the country has a population of more than 30 millions, the principal cause of population growth has been immigration. Immigration is generally caused by social, political and economic reasons, groups of people settle down permanently or temporarily in other country in order to find a better quality of life. Some countries typical of immigrants are Germany, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, USA, France, New Zealand and United Kingdom, where it ´s possible to study the phenomenon of foreigner who go to work. The immigrants face a challenge in the new country, the must to be part of it in the work field (legal permits, ID and social security) and also they have to assume new costumes and ways of life and integrate them to theirs. The history of immigration to Canada in the modern age began in great numbers after World War II. More Europeans moved into the country: Italians, Irish, Greeks, as well as continuing numbers of French and British. A second wave of immigrants came in the 1960s, mostly consisting of Asians, Hispanics, Indians, Caribbeans, and Arabs. At that time the Government introduced severe immigration restriction. In the 1960s, explicit discrimination on the basis of race or religion was eliminated, to be replaced by criteria and then a â€Å"points system† which emphasized the skills, education, and training of the independent immigrant, rather than his or her ethnic or confessional background. Canada has the highest per-capita immigration rate in the world, driven by economic policy and family reunification. There are three categories of immigrants: Family Class: closely related persons of Canadian residents Independent Immigrants: admitted on the basis of a point system that account for age, health and labour-market skills Refugees: seeking protection by applying to remain in Canada. In 2008, there were 65,567 immigrants in the family class, 21,860 refugees, and 149,072 economic immigrants amongst the 247,243 total immigrants to the country. Canadas future prosperity will depend on its ability to supplement its aging workforce by more effectively utilizing its current and future human capital. Indeed Canada is part of a global war for talent and need to attract the brightest and the best people such as scientists, entrepreneurs and engineers. Canada and other immigrant countries need an adequate planning and infrastructure to make sure that new citizens and future immigrants are able to maximize their potential and contribute to economic growth of the country. Do you think the Points System in Canada is meant to protect the countrys sovereignity?, or  ¿is it just a deliberated form of discrimination? Why? Immigration is a global phenomenon, which affects mostly developed countries. Many developed nations have restricted immigration policies in order to prevent unequal competencies and ensure the contribution to the economic and social growth of the country. I think the Points System in Canada is meant to protect the countrys sovereignity and it is not a form of discrimination. Canada is an open country and well recognized for its immigrations system, which attracts thousands of immigrants every year. The Canadian system is part of a set of immigrations policies and emphasizes the skills, education, and training of the independent immigrant, rather than discrimination factors. The Points System evaluates the capacity of the future immigrants to become a part of the Canadian society successfully and it is based on the demands of labor market. A fact which confirms the non-discrimination in immigration policy in Canada is the diversity of origin and culture of the current immigrant population. Immigrants come from Asia, Europe, Latin America, Africa and Middle East. Another remarkable fact is that all permanent residents are entitled to the same benefits from the government. Canadian immigration policy has kept a process of refinement and adjustment to achieve a balance between generosity and the countrys economic and social interests. This balance is the key support and credibility of such policy.   Verbeeten, David. 2007. The Past and Future of Immigration to Canada. Journal of International Migration Integration, 8(1): 1-10.   Class presentation. Migrants workers. 2010 Managing Diversity If we want to be successful, diversity is something we need to take care of. We must understand our context and realize how important it is to make diversity an item that can make us improve. The diversity can make us expand every day. This is because diversity brings with itself several cultures, depending of the place where they are. Those kind of points of view can increase the possibilities of create a lot of products that all the human classes would be able to afford. So diversity has the possibility not only to learn about it, but setting up our organization with the different ideas that came up from it. And these ideas are very significant because they are developed for the culture and traditions (and more). Also, its important to know that diversity can be present in different ways. For example, demographic variables, beliefs, behaviors, self conceptions, skills. This means that if we use all of these differences, we will be able to have too many options that increase us, not even as a company but as a person. And as a person, you can also acquire abilities to be an excellent manager; for example, avoid prejudices, increase employing, increase tolerance. As a team, we get the experience to talk work in groups, we can work with too many ideas that will help us in managing conflicts and in problems solution (â€Å"two heads think better than one†) and this will be productivity, that means less costs for the organization. As an organization, the most important thing its adapting a positive posture to the constantly changes that are happening all the time, thats why the organization needs to be flexible too. Of course these aspects together, permit to know a lot of ways to work in the organization, if we know how to include them, and work in a positive way with them, the differences always will allow having new projects in an efficient way and more complete. Accepting all the feedbacks, and correcting them, will bring you the possibility to improve day by day. 3. What are the limitations or challenges that a corporate diversity program faces?   Leadership: It must be well distributed instead of concentrated across the organization. The leaders must be able to create networks. They must to know how to manage diversity , letting people to express themselves and creating a share identity.   Diversity must be part of the organizations as policy and ethic factor, it let them to survive in the future scenes highly diverse.   Recognize all kinds of differences in profile and needs of the people, such as culture, age, sexual orientation, disability, professional competence, personal abilities, leadership styles, communication, etc.. The inclusion of the people because their differences in the organization will generate creativity, innovation and effectiveness. If people is happy in their workplace they will be more productive.   Slater, Stanley F., Weigand, Robert A., Zweilein, Thomas J., 2008. â€Å"The business case for commitment to diversity†. Business Horizons 51: 201-209.   Thomas, David A., 2004. â€Å"Diversity as Strategy†, Harvard Business Review, September 2004, 98-108.   Sylvie, Chevrier. 2003. Cross-cultural management in multinational project groups Journal of World Business 38:141-149.   Class presentation. Managing Diversity. 2010. Posted by MARIA CAMILA at 4:22 PM Understanding Diversity Definition of Diversity The concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect. It means understanding that each individual is unique, and recognizing our individual differences. These can be along the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies. It is the exploration of these differences in a safe, positive, and nurturing environment. It is about understanding each other and moving beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating the rich dimensions of diversity contained within each individual. The rise of multinational companies and increased global diversification by even small companies has resulted in people of diverse backgrounds and cultures working together in the same office or for the same organization. Conflict in such situations is inevitable, but understanding the diversity issues can help companies implement programs designed to keep conflict at a minimum and to take full advantage of the many benefits which such diversity brings to an organization. Key to understanding how diversity is managed in multinational organizations understands the concept of corporate culture (which defines organizations), diversity programs and their use to minimize conflict among employees, and the unique problems that employees working overseas encounter. The behavioral regularities are typified by the language, tasks, jargon and roles which members of the organization use and expect to find within the organization. Just as in a larger societal culture, an organizations culture supports certain language and behaviors from its members. The standards of behavior, or norms, that an organizational culture establishes define behavior newcomers to the organization. For example the Multicultural organizations (or organizations that value diversity) generally reflect the contributions and interests of diverse communities in their mission, operation and services. They enable diverse cultural and social groups to participate fully at all levels of the organization, particularly at the policy level. They act to eradicate all forms of discrimination and oppression and they seek to advance the principles underpinning multiculturalism/diversity at the broader societal level. When into the organizations Celebrating Diversity in the workplace, makes employees feel appreciate for their uniqueness, but acknowledging similarities fosters a more cohesive workplace, forging common bonds amongst colleagues. Most of these connections come from interpersonal interaction. Do you think the entry and integration of new members to the European Union are processes that promote diversity? , or on the contrary,  ¿strive to homogenize the European Society? I agree with the statement that the entry and integration of new members to the European Union are processes that promote diversity, because they reflect the aim to be organized in a way that ensures an interactive, educational and interesting experience for all country members. Europe is a continent proud of its cultural and social diversity, which proceed from different countries or specific regions and at the same time are part of the European cultural heritage. European Union wants to preserve that diversity, promote it and share it with the rest of the world. Those aims are specified in the Maastricht Treaty (1992), where for the first time the cultural dimension of European integration was officially recognized. European Union gives a cultural dimension to many ambits, such as art, literature, politic, education, language, scientific research, information technology and communication and economic development.   TOGGENBURG, Gabriel. EURAC research:Who is Managing Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in the European Condominium? The Moments of Entry, Integration and Preservation.   Millman, Gregory J. Corporate Culture: more myth than reality?. Jul 1, 2007   www.au.af.mil/au/awc/awcgate/ndu   www.soi.org/reading/change/culture   www.amssa.org   www.lotsofessays.com/   www.humanresources.about.com/od/organizationalculture Posted by MARIA CAMILA at 2:44 PM Expatriate Assignments Expatriates the type of people who go to another country, hired in most of the cases by transnational companies, in order to work successfully in a international environment. Expatriate employees pertain to employees that are non-citizens of the country in which they are working. Currently, the purpose of international expatriate assignments has evolved along with the changing globalization trends. Expatriate international assignments require that cost effectiveness and appropriateness issues be considered. Since globalization is now the current trend, it is important to be able to manage these international workers strategically and effectively. Increasing globalization of business requires more expatriates but employee costs and family considerations impede the mobility of the employees. personal aspects can include technical qualifications, personality and character factors, family willingness (including dual career and education aspects). Social, economic and political factors contribute to an expatriates feeling of satisfaction and well-being, so location is an important determinant. Many cultures are uncomfortable setting concrete goals and targets, prefering just in time planning and management tactics. The real success factor seems to be not so much in sending them out on assignment but in bringing them back home. One of the causes for expatriate assignment failure and some recommendations could be. An inability on the part of the expatriate family to adjust to the foreign environment is the main determinant of expatriate failure. Given that the reasons for expatriate failure tended to be the same, the role of the home company has increased as a contributor toward expatriate failure. Organizations need to be aware of their role as well as the importance of the spouse and family in managing expatriate assignments effectively. Nowadays exist a high failure rate among expatriates because neither they nor their families are prepared to deal with the level of uncertainty associated with the process. It is important that each organization that wants to succeed with the goals set for expatriates, meets their family details, as this is a fundamental aspect when someone is sent to another place of work, because being far away from family or having to leave several times, does that employees have family problems and can ´t meet the expectations. The selection policies must establish some features to choose the right person who can meet the requirements of the company, without interfering in the family relationship of their employees. Having a larger investment to be able to cover expenses for the expatriate and his family, thus organization gets a better performance from its employees, due to their relationships go well and their motivation can be higher. Participation flexible work being performed, where expatriates can have a chance to be a short period with a certain frequency in their country of origin.   www.themanager.org/Knowledgebase/HR/Expatriates   books.google.com.co   Class presentation. Migrant workers 2010. East Asia Japanese And Korean Korea is currently a front-runner among developing nations, getting closer to the ranks of developed nations. In the process of economic growth, a few dozen big business groups, of chaebols, have emerged. The fifty largest business groups account for as much as 20 percent of Koreas gross domestic product (GDP), and the five largest business groups, such as Hyundai, Samsung, Lucky-Goldstar, Sunkyong, and Daewoo, account for as much as 10 percent of GDP (Korea Development Institute, 1982). Chaebol Korean term for a conglomerate of many companies clustered around one parent company. The companies usually hold shares in each other and are often run by one family. Similar to the keiretsu in Japan. The conglomerates of South Korea, known as chaebol groups, have exerted enormous influence upon that countrys fast-growing economy. The tendency is that the large size chaebol results in larger shares of the family ownership. Keiretsus The zaibatsu were family-owned conglomerate businesses that were promoted by the Meiji government of Japan. The general structure of the keiretsu is an association of companies formed around a bank. They cooperate with each other and own shares of each others stock. The similarities and differences of Japanese and Korean management styles. Most of the similarities are concentrated in the area of cultural traditions in the form of Confucianism, with includes the harmony of interpersonal relationships, the hierarchical structure of the society and organization, the importance of family, the prevalence of authoritarianism, paternalism and personalism, the system of mutual obligation, and the universality of the guanxi network. The differences can be discussed along the lines of organization a structure, management process, and business strategies. To begin with, the nature of ownership varies a great deal among the four systems. In between are de Japanese keiretsus and the Korean chaebols. For the former, family ownership and business management have long been dissociated, while the latter is in the process of giving professional managers more decision-making power, though most families still hold the key posts in the companies. In addition, the ownership of large Japanese companies has become fairly public while the ownership of Korean business groups remains largely private. The also differ each other a great deal in terms of organizational size, ranging from very small CFBs to very large keiretsus, with Korean chaebols and the Chinese CSEs lying in between. Except for the keiretsus, the other three are highly centralized, with small CFBs probably having the highest degree of centralization. In Korea, the family inheritance is strictly based on the blood relationship, with the eldest son given the priority. Government ´s intervention: Credit; foreign exchange rationing; export growth:benefits .Favorate firms grew faster and diversified better. In Japan, however, the concept of is applied to family inheritance, and its primary purpose is to maintain the wealth of the family under the leadership of a capable person rather than to bequeath the wealth only to the blood-related family. Not all companies are alike. Market share-growth strategy. Value maximization.Participation of workers and middle management-building group loyalty. Right kind of customers information exchange.Flexible manufacturing connecting product design and production. Corporate values- to carry organization through a change.   Lee, Jangho, Thomas W. Roehl, Soonkyoo Choe. 2000. What Makes Management Style Similar and Distinct Across Borders? Growth, Experience and Culture in Korean and Japanese Firms   Class presentation. Korea. 2010 China The economy of China is the third largest in the world, after the United States and Japan. China is the fastest-growing major economy in the world, and has had the fastest growing major economy for the past 30 years. China, economically extremely backward before 1949, has again become one of the worlds major economic powers with the greatest potential. In the 22 years following reform and opening-up in 1979 in particular, Chinas economy developed at an unprecedented rate, and that momentum has been held steady into the 21st century. In 2004, China further strengthened and improved its macro control, and the economy entered its best ever development period of recent years. So far, Chinas remarkable economic growth has come mostly from its trade and export dominance. A combination of low wages, specialized regional networks and product exporters has enabled China to become the global economys low-cost supplier. To achieve high performance, Chinese companies need to identify where their competitive advantages will lie in a global marketplace and build the necessary skills to capitalize on these opportunities. The relevance of Guanxi and the existence of Chinese business networks as supporting factors to the internationalization process of Chinese companies. Guanxi is a second currency and constitutes a key or a secret to corporate success in China and It is a Chinese word which is also recognized in Japan and Korea. Thus, together, Guanxi can be translated as relationships and connections. Thus, Guanxi is a social dimension, and a human factor. A large number of researches on doing