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A note on social criticism of novel Joseph Andrews Essay

Q Write a note on social criticism as presented in book I and book II of this novel. This novel is basically a satire on mode of living of the social classes of 18th century. The most promising and solid features (as a means of social criticism) that one might extract from the novel, in the light of book I and book II are highlighted as below: Artificiality of love Here the example of lady booby explains the point clearly. She loved Joseph as claimed by herself, but she wanted to keep their relation hidden from people, thus depicting the point of artificiality. She intended to seduce him just for the sake to gratify her sexual appetite. She, by no means portrayed any signs of true love. This factor, fielding critised by employing the character of lady booby as discussed above. Moral degradation Another social evil of that time, certainly was that the people look down upon morality with an eye of contempt. They degrade it in all possible ways. Here the example of Joseph can be taken into consideration. His inner goodness was ridiculed in the very society. Lady Booby once mocked him of his being maintain an ally of morality, when she herself as of superior stature had discarded her own conscience for him. Sympathy within the same class Sympathy is a factor that prevails only within the same class. As the example of postillion who provided Joseph with his coat when he had nothing to cover himself and was in a very miserable condition, states very well the fact. Indeed, both belonged to the lower class. Lack of charity Charity, a quality not so common in common man. When parson Adams consulted Parson Trulliber as his Christian brethren, with the aim of expecting some charity to pay off his bills of the inn they stayed at, got nothing but rejected in the face is just a demonstration of the fact of lack of charity. Duality in nature Parson Barnabas presents himself as a character with duality in nature. A glutton and drunkard, yet a parson by profession, indeed a presenter of dual  sides. Such characters as this do exist in our society and are tainting the fabric of world with their paint. Lack of knowledge The world also has people who claim the professions they have no thorough knowledge of. They are professionally incompetent, yet roam around in the society like foolish quacks with pride. The surgeon and parson Barnabas are such examples. Lust of ladies Lady Booby and Mrs.Slipslop had amorous disposition. And to gratify their sexual apetite they look upon Joseph with an eye of lust. Consequently, because of their intentions they lay Joseph open in the jaws of chastity. Such people as these should be placed infront of mirror, to render them with the realization that what creature have they become. Height of jealousy Jealousy, a trait found very well-groomed in society. Fielding has portrayed this social-ill as one of the core aspect in his novel. Mrs.Slipslop out of extreme jealousy blamed Joseph of being an ill-character and of amorous inclinations. Indeed, a very dangerous trait. Hypocrisy can also be attributed to the consequence of height of jealousy. The higher class in the novel is portrayed as highly submerged in hypocrisy. False promises A trend common in that society was to make promises and then break them. While Joseph, Fanny and Adams are on their way, they encountered one such fellow and fell for his promises. A trend that ought be condemned with solemn attitude. Corruption People like the surgeon and Parson Barnabas are perfect examples of tainting the society with corruption and morally ill-standard behaviour. Such follies and vices of society depict very well a social criticism, in the light of book I and book II.

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Applied Electricity Lecture Notes

Module 4 Single-phase AC Circuits Version 2 EE IIT, Kharagpur Lesson 13 Representation of Sinusoidal Signal by a Phasor and Solution of Current in R-L-C Series Circuits Version 2 EE IIT, Kharagpur In the last lesson, two points were described: 1. How a sinusoidal voltage waveform (ac) is generated? 2. How the average and rms values of the periodic voltage or current waveforms, are computed? Some examples are also described there. In this lesson, the representation of sinusoidal (ac) voltage/current signals by a phasor is first explained. The polar/Cartesian (rectangular) form of phasor, as complex quantity, is described.Lastly, the algebra, involving the phasors (voltage/current), is presented. Different mathematical operations – addition/subtraction and multiplication/division, on two or more phasors, are discussed. Keywords: Phasor, Sinusoidal signals, phasor algebra After going through this lesson, the students will be able to answer the following questions; 1. What is mean t by the term, ‘phasor’ in respect of a sinusoidal signal? 2. How to represent the sinusoidal voltage or current waveform by phasor? 3. How to write a phasor quantity (complex) in polar/Cartesian (rectangular) form? 4.How to perform the operations, like addition/subtraction and multiplication/division on two or more phasors, to obtain a phasor? This lesson forms the background of the following lessons in the complete module of single ac circuits, starting with the next lesson on the solution of the current in the steady state, in R-L-C series circuits. Symbols i or i(t) Instantaneous value of the current (sinusoidal form) I Im ? Current (rms value) Maximum value of the current Phasor representation of the current Phase angle, say of the current phasor, with respect to the reference phasor I Same symbols are used for voltage or any other phasor. Representation of Sinusoidal Signal by a Phasor A sinusoidal quantity, i. e. current, i (t ) = I m sin ? t , is taken up as an example. In Fig. 13. 1a, the length, OP, along the x-axis, represents the maximum value of the current I m , on a certain scale. It is being rotated in the anti-clockwise direction at an angular speed, ? , and takes up a position, OA after a time t (or angle, ? = ? t , with the x-axis). The vertical projection of OA is plotted in the right hand side of the above figure with respect to the angle ? It will generate a sine wave (Fig. 13. 1b), as OA is at an angle, ? with the x-axis, as stated earlier. The vertical projection of OA along y-axis is OC = AB = Version 2 EE IIT, Kharagpur i (? ) = I m sin ? , which is the instantaneous value of the current at any time t or angle ? . The angle ? is in rad. , i. e. ? = ? t . The angular speed, ? is in rad/s, i. e. ? = 2 ? f , where f is the frequency in Hz or cycles/sec. Thus, i = I m sin ? = I m sin ? t = I m sin 2? ft So, OP represents the phasor with respect to the above current, i.The line, OP can be taken as the rms value, I = I m / 2 , instead of maximum value, Im . Then the vertical projection of OA, in magnitude equal to OP, does not represent exactly the instantaneous value of I, but represents it with the scale factor of 1 / 2 = 0. 707 . The reason for this choice of phasor as given above, will be given in another lesson later in this module. Version 2 EE IIT, Kharagpur Generalized case The current can be of the form, i (t ) = I m sin (? t ? ? ) as shown in Fig. 13. 1d. The phasor representation of this current is the line, OQ, at an angle, ? may be taken as negative), with the line, OP along x-axis (Fig. 13. 1c). One has to move in clockwise direction to go to OQ from OP (reference line), though the phasor, OQ is assumed to move in anti-clockwise direction as given earlier. After a time t, OD will be at an angle ? with OQ, which is at an angle ( ? ? ? = ? t ? ? ), with the line, OP along x-axis. The vertical projection of OD along y-axis gives the instantaneous value of the current, i = 2 I sin (? t ? ? ) = I m sin (? t ? ? ) . Phasor representation of Voltage and Current The voltage and current waveforms are given as, v = 2 V sin ? and i = 2 I sin (? + ? ) It can be seen from the waveforms (Fig. 13. 2b) of the two sinusoidal quantities – voltage and current, that the voltage, V lags the current I, which means that the positive maximum value of the voltage is reached earlier by an angle, ? , as compared to the positive maximum value of the current. In phasor notation as described earlier, the voltage and current are represented by OP and OQ (Fig. 13. 2a) respectively, the length of which are proportional to voltage, V and current, I in different scales as applicable to each one.The voltage phasor, OP (V) lags the current phasor, OQ (I) by the angle ? , as two phasors rotate in the anticlockwise direction as stated earlier, whereas the angle ? is also measured in the anticlockwise direction. In other words, the current phasor (I) leads the voltage phasor (V). Version 2 EE IIT, Kha ragpur Mathematically, the two phasors can be represented in polar form, with the voltage phasor ( V ) taken as reference, such as V = V ? 0 0 , and I = I . In Cartesian or rectangular form, these are, V = V ? 0 0 = V + j 0 , and I = I = I cos ? + j I sin ? , where, the symbol, j is given by j = ? . Of the two terms in each phasor, the first one is termed as real or its component in x-axis, while the second one is imaginary or its component in y-axis, as shown in Fig. 13. 3a. The angle, ? is in degree or rad. ? ? ? ? ? Phasor Algebra Before discussing the mathematical operations, like addition/subtraction and multiplication/division, involving phasors and also complex quantities, let us take a look at the two forms – polar and rectangular, by which a phasor or complex quantity is represented. It may be observed here that phasors are also taken as complex, as given above.Representation of a phasor and Transformation A phasor or a complex quantity in rectangular form (Fig. 13 . 3) is, A = ax + j a y Version 2 EE IIT, Kharagpur ? where a x and a y are real and imaginary parts, of the phasor respectively. In polar form, it is expressed as A = A a = A cos ? a + j A sin ? a ? where A and ? a are magnitude and phase angle of the phasor. From the two equations or expressions, the procedure or rule of transformation from polar to rectangular form is a x = A cos ? a and a y = A sin ? a From the above, the rule for transformation from rectangular to polar form is 2 2 A = a x + a y and ? = tan ? 1 (a y / a x ) The examples using numerical values are given at the end of this lesson. Addition/Subtraction of Phasors Before describing the rules of addition/subtraction of phasors or complex quantities, everyone should recall the rule of addition/subtraction of scalar quantities, which may be positive or signed (decimal/fraction or fraction with integer). It may be stated that, for the two operations, the quantities must be either phasors, or complex. The example of ph asor is voltage/current, and that of complex quantity is impedance/admittance, which will be explained in the next lesson.But one phasor and another complex quantity should not be used for addition/subtraction operation. For the operations, the two phasors or complex quantities must be expressed in rectangular form as A = a x + j a y ; B = bx + j b y If they are in polar form as A = A a ; B = B b In this case, two phasors are to be transformed to rectangular form by the procedure or rule given earlier. The rule of addition/subtraction operation is that both the real and imaginary parts have to be separately treated as ? ? ? ? where c x = (a x  ± b x ) ; c y = (a y  ± b y ) Say, for addition, real parts must be added, so also for imaginary parts.Same rule follows for subtraction. After the result is obtained in rectangular form, it can be transformed to polar one. It may be observed that the six values of a' s , b' s and c' s – parts of the two phasors and the resultant one, are all signed scalar quantities, though in the example, a' s and b' s are taken as positive, resulting in positive values of c' s . Also the phase angle ? ‘ s may lie in any of the four quadrants, though here the angles are in the first quadrant only. This rule for addition can be extended to three or more quantities, as will be illustrated through example, which is given at the end of this lesson.C = A  ± B = (a x  ± bx ) + j (a y  ± b y ) = c x + j c y ? ? ? Version 2 EE IIT, Kharagpur The addition/subtraction operations can also be performed using the quantities as ? ? ? phasors in polar form (Fig. 13. 4). The two phasors are A (OA) and B (OB) . The find the sum C (OC ) , a line AC is drawn equal and parallel to OB. The line BC is equal and parallel to OA. Thus, C = OC = OA + AC = OA + OB = A + B . Also, OC = OB + BC = OB + OA ? ? ? ? To obtain the difference D (OD) , a line AD is drawn equal and parallel to OB, but in opposite direction to AC or OB.A line OE is also drawn equal to OB, but in opposite direction to OB. Both AD and OE represent the phasor ( ? B ). The line, ED is equal to OA. Thus, D = OD = OA + AD = OA ? OB = A ? B . Also OD = OE + ED = ? OB + OA . The examples using numerical values are given at the end of this lesson. ? ? ? ? Multiplication/Division of Phasors Firstly, the procedure for multiplication is taken up. In this case no reference is being made to the rule involving scalar quantities, as everyone is familiar with them. Assuming that the two phasors are available in polar from as A = A a and B = B b .Otherwise, they are to be transformed from rectangular to polar form. This is also valid for the procedure of division. Please note that a phasor is to be multiplied by a complex quantity only, to obtain the resultant phasor. A phasor is not normally multiplied by another phasor, except in special case. Same is for division. A phasor is to be divided by a complex quantity only, to obtain the resultant phasor. A phas or is not normally divided by another phasor. ? ? ? To find the magnitude of the product C , the two magnitudes of the phasors are to be multiplied, whereas for phase angle, the phase angles are to added.Thus, Version 2 EE IIT, Kharagpur C = C c = A? B = A A ? B B = ( A ? B ) ? (? a + ? b ) ? ? ? where C = A ? B and ? c = ? a + ? b ? Please note that the same symbol, C is used for the product in this case. ? ? ? To divide A . by B to obtain the result D . , the magnitude is obtained by division of the magnitudes, and the phase is difference of the two phase angles. Thus, D = D d = ? ? A ? = B where D = A / B and ? d = ? a ? ? b ? ? A a ? A ? = ? ? ? (? a ? ? b ) B b ? B ? If the phasors are expressed in rectangular form as A = a x + j a y and B = bx + j by here A = (a 2 x ? 2 + a y ; ? a = tan ? 1 (a y / a x ) ) The values of B are not given as they can be obtained by substituting b' s for a' s . To find the product, C = C c = A ? B = (a x + j a y ) ? (bx + j b y ) = (a x bx ? a y b y ) + j (a x b y + a y bx ) ? ? ? Please note that j 2 = ? 1 . The magnitude and phase angle of the result (phasor) are, C = (a x bx ? a y b y ) + (a x b y + a y bx ) 2 [ 1 2 2 ] = (a 2 x 2 + ay ? ) (b 2 x 2 + b y = A ? B , and ) ? c = tan ? 1 ? ? ? a x b y + a y bx ? ? a x bx ? a y b y ? ? ? The phase angle, ? c = ? a + ? b = tan ? 1 ? ? a x b y + a y bx = tan ? 1 ? ?a b ? a b y y ? x x ? ? ? ? ay ? ax ? ? ? ? ? ? b ? + tan ? 1 ? y ? ?b ? ? x ? (a / a ) + (b y / bx ) ? ? ? = tan ? 1 ? y x ? ? ? 1 ? (a y / a x ) ? (b y / bx )? ? ? ? The above results are obtained by simplification. ? To divide A by B to obtain D as D = dx + j dy = ? ? A ? = ax + j a y bx + j by ? B To simplify D , i. e. to obtain real and imaginary parts, both numerator and denominator, are to be multiplied by the complex conjugate of B , so as to convert the ? denominator into real value only. The complex conjugate of B is Version 2 EE IIT, KharagpurB * = bx + j b y = B ? ? ? b In the complex conjugate, the sign of the imaginary part is negative, and also the phase angle is negative. ? (a x + j a y )? (bx ? j by ) = ? a x bx + a y by ? + j ? a y bx ? a x by ? ? ? ? ? D = dx + j dy = (bx + j by )? (bx ? j by ) ? bx2 + by2 ? ? bx2 + by2 ? ? ? ? ? The magnitude and phase angle of the result (phasor) are, [(a b D= x x + a y b y ) + (a y bx ? a x b y ) 2 1 2 2 (b 2 x +b 2 y ) ] = (a (b 2 x 2 x 2 + ay 2 + by ) A = , and ) B ? a y bx ? a x b y ? ? ? d = tan ? 1 ? ?a b +a b ? y y ? ? x x The phase angle, ? ay ? ax ? ? ? ? tan ? 1 ? y ? b ? ? x ? ? a b ? a xby ? ? = tan ? 1 ? y x ? ?a b +a b y y ? ? x x ? ? ? ? ? d = ? a ? ? b = tan ? 1 ? ? The steps are shown here in brief, as detailed steps have been given earlier. Example ? The phasor, A in the rectangular form (Fig. 13. 5) is, A = A a = A cos ? a + j A sin ? a = a x + j a y = ? 2 + j 4 where the real and imaginary parts are a x = ? 2 ; ? ? ay = 4 To transform the phasor, A into the polar form, the magnitude and phase angle are Version 2 E E IIT, Kharagpur 2 2 A = a x + a y = (? 2) 2 + 4 2 = 4. 472 ? 4 ? ? = tan ? 1 ? ? ? 116. 565 ° = 2. 034 rad ? ? ? 2? ? Please note that ? a is in the second quadrant, as real part is negative and imaginary part is positive. ? a = tan ? 1 ? ? ? ay ? ax ? Transforming the phasor, A into rectangular form, the real and imaginary parts are a x = A cos? a = 4. 472 ? cos116. 565 ° = ? 2. 0 a y = A sin ? a = 4. 472 ? sin 116. 565 ° = 4. 0 Phasor Algebra ? ? ? Another phasor, B in rectangular form is introduced in addition to the earlier one, A B = 6 + j 6 = 8. 485 ? 45 ° Firstly, let us take the addition and subtraction of the above two phasors. The sum and ? difference are given by the phasors, C and D respectively (Fig. 13. 6). C = A+ B = (? 2 + j 4) +(6 + j 6) = (? 2 + 6) + j (4 + 6) = 4 + j 10 = 10. 77 ? 68. 2 ° D = A? B = (? 2 + j 4) ? (6 + j 6) = (? 2 ? 6) + j (4 ? 6) = ? 8 ? j 2 = 8. 246 ? ? 166. 0 ° It may be noted that for the addition and subtraction operations involvi ng phasors, they should be represented in rectangular form as given above. If any one of the phasors Version 2 EE IIT, Kharagpur ? ? ? ? ? ? is in polar form, it should be transformed into rectangular form, for calculating the results as shown.If the two phasors are both in polar form, the phasor diagram (the diagram must be drawn to scale), or the geometrical method can be used as shown in Fig 13. 6. The result obtained using the diagram, as shown are the same as obtained earlier. [ C (OC) = 10. 77, ? COX = 68. 2 ° ; and D ( OD) = 8. 246, ? DOX = 166. 0 ° ] Now, the multiplication and division operations are performed, using the above two phasors represented in polar form. If any one of the phasors is in rectangular form, it may be transformed into polar form. Also note that the same symbols for the phasors are used here, as was used earlier.Later, the method of both multiplication and division using rectangular form of the phasor representation will be explained. ? ? ? The res ultant phasor C , i. e. the product of the two phasors is C = A? B = 4. 472 ? 116. 565 ° ? 8. 485 ? 45 ° = (4. 472 ? 8. 485) ? (116. 565 ° + 45 °) = 37. 945 ? 161. 565 ° = ? 36 + j 12 The product of the two phasors in rectangular form can be found as C = (? 2 + j 4) ? (6 + j 6) = (? 12 ? 24) + j (24 ? 12) = ? 36 + j 12 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? The result ( D ) obtained by the division of A by B is D= ? ? A ? = B = 0. 167 + j 0. The above result can be calculated by the procedure described earlier, using the rectangular form of the two phasors as D= ? ? 4. 472 ? 116. 565 ° ? 4. 472 ? =? ? ? (116. 565 ° ? 45 °) = 0. 527 ? 71. 565 ° 8. 485 ? 45 ° ? 8. 485 ? A ? = B 12 + j 36 = = 0. 167 + j 0. 5 72 ? 2 + j 4 ( ? 2 + j 4) ? (6 ? j 6) (? 12 + 24) + j (24 + 12) = = 6+ j6 ( 6 + j 6) ? ( 6 ? j 6) 62 + 62 The procedure for the elementary operations using two phasors only, in both forms of representation is shown. It can be easily extended, for say, addition/multiplication, using thre e or more phasors.The simplification procedure with the scalar quantities, using the different elementary operations, which is well known, can be extended to the phasor quantities. This will be used in the study of ac circuits to be discussed in the following lessons. The background required, i. e. phasor representation of sinusoidal quantities (voltage/current), and algebra – mathematical operations, such as addition/subtraction and multiplication/division of phasors or complex quantities, including transformation of phasor from rectangular to polar form, and vice versa, has been discussed here.The study of ac circuits, starting from series ones, will be described in the next few lessons. Version 2 EE IIT, Kharagpur Problems 13. 1 Use plasor technique to evaluate the expression and then find the numerical value at t = 10 ms. i ( t ) = 150 cos (100t – 450 ) + 500 sin (100t ) + d ? cos 100t – 30 0 ) ? ? dt ? ( 13. 2 Find the result in both rectangular and polar f orms, for the following, using complex quantities: 5 – j12 15 ? 53. 1 ° b) ( 5 – j12 ) +15 ? – 53. 1 ° a) 2 ? 30 ° – 4 ? 210 ° 5 ? 450 ° 1 ? ? d) ? 5 ? 0 ° + ? . 2 ? 210 ° 3 2 ? – 45 ° ? ? c)Version 2 EE IIT, Kharagpur List of Figures Fig. 13. 1 (a) Phasor representation of a sinusoidal voltage, and (b) Waveform Fig. 13. 2 (a) Phasor representation of voltage and current, and (b) Waveforms Fig. 13. 3 Representation of a phasor, both in rectangular and polar forms Fig. 13. 4 Addition and subtraction of two phasors, both represented in polar form Fig. 13. 5 Representation of phasor as an example, both in rectangular and polar forms Fig. 13. 6 Addition and subtraction of two phasors represented in polar form, as an example Version 2 EE IIT, Kharagpur

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About ways to reduce the impact of a particular lifestyle behavior Research Paper

About ways to reduce the impact of a particular lifestyle behavior - Research Paper Example The â€Å"Inconvenient Truth† that Al Gore presented establishes a significant response from the public, even in some government institutions around the world. The report of Gore presented a remarkable issue that tries to link the significant contribution of mankind to the destruction of the environment. Gore presented the point that the contribution of the human activities to the pollution in the environment is staggering as a result of economic activities and other personal activities prior to the preservation of life and establishing the advancing economy. In the case of cars on the road, many business establishments cannot simply move in their economic activities or business activities if they will not use cars, as a basic requirement in the advancing level of industrialization in the 20th Century. This leads fossil fuels to become the highlight or issue in the prevailing environmental pollution. However, the point that fuel or oil to be considered as the lifeblood of the economy in the 20th Century cannot just be simply eradicated. Every individual or business establishment might have a substantial requirement for fuel. If it is not for personal gain, it must be for the achievement of certain economic objectives. Unfortunately, this has become the remarkable trend around the world today. Every day there are various vehicles on the road that are on the go in contributing to a certain level of greenhouse gases emission. Eradicating them might not be the ultimate feasible solution as for now, but trying to minimize those running on the road will be a significant contribution to the reduction of harmful gases emission like carbon dioxide. For this reason, taking the carpool or subway is viewed to be a significant contribution in alleviating the degree of air pollution in the environment. Studies found that cars, especially around 10 percent of the older ones alone are significantly contributing around 50 percent of air

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Global Corporate Sustainable Development Analysis Research Paper

Global Corporate Sustainable Development Analysis - Research Paper Example ll the natural resources, assets, human resources, and also financials in order to ensure long term operation and well being of the organization (Pearce, Barbier and Markandya 4). However the classical definition of sustainable development was given by Bruntland Commission in the year 1987. It defined sustainable development as ‘Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’ (Misra 236). In the context of the study E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company and DuPont will be chosen on which the sustainability factor will be assessed. Apart from this the report will also emphasize on the issues of sustainable development. Furthermore the report will elaborate the challenges that are faced by the company in the context of sustainable development. Thereafter the report will conclude and will offer few suggestions that will be effective for the company in achieving sustainable development. DuPont was established in the year 1802 by Eleuthà ¨re Irà ©nà ©e du Pont. The company is presently it is headquartered at Wilmington, Delaware, U.S. Initially the company started its business as a gunpowder mill. It is basically a chemical manufacturing company. Based on the market capitalization the company is the third largest chemical company of the world. In the year 2009 DuPont was the third largest company in terms of total revenue. In terms of the most sustainable companies of the world the company according to global 100 lists of 2012, the company has been unable to find a place (Global 100). However DuPont was ranked at the 43rd Position by the fortune magazine in terms of ‘most admired companies of the world’. In addition to that according to 100 bets corporate citizens list, it is ranked at the 19th position (â€Å"DuPont Sustainability Recognition and Awards†). Some of the evident products of the company include Corian, Kevlar, Delrin, Nomex, Mylar, Tyvek, Neoprene, Teflon, Nafion, and

The Rock Musical Hair Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Rock Musical Hair - Essay Example The songs that originated from that idea are about letting your hair grow long, wild and free with lyrics like "My hair like Jesus wore it, Hallelujah, I adore it, Here, Baby, There, Mama, everywhere, Daddy, Daddy, Hair, Hair, Hair, Hair! Keep on growin', Keep it flowin' my Hair!" The music was loud, joyous, soulful, angry and celebratory, capturing the spirit of the New Generation of Baby Boomers who were rebelling against their parent's generation of values that stood for right-wing conservatism. The musical Hair debuted on Broadway in April 1968. It had undergone a transformation with new staging and 12 new songs added. Hair was unusual in it's staging in that it had the performers running into the audience, handing out flowers, and inviting them to participate at the end of the performance in a big "be-in" on stage. It was also unique in that much of the cast, dressed as Hippies, was scantily dressed or even appeared nude. They even had some staging where performers swung from ropes over the audience and the stage, while singing. In The New York Times, Clive Barnes wrote an enthusiastic review, praising the original production: "Mr. O'Horgan has worked wonders. He makes the show vibrate from the first slow-burn opening - with half-naked hippies statuesquely slow-parading down the center aisle - to the all-hands-together, anti-patriotic finale." 1 The unique stagin

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Evaluate Consumer behavior and Identify possible segmentation options Term Paper

Evaluate Consumer behavior and Identify possible segmentation options - Term Paper Example Each product line is then segmented further on the basis of customer comfort which includes â€Å"compression†, â€Å"fitted† and â€Å"relaxed† ( Each of these serves a unique benefit. For instance, the â€Å"fitted† line in particularly suited to athletics who need greater body flexibility, and hence, tighter clothing. At present, the accessories segment is classified into bags, hats as well as gloves for sports that incorporate â€Å"moisture-wicking† fabrics and temperature-control technologies (Hallett). These products claim the benefit of keeping the customer cool and dry in situations where moisture may cause body temperature to heat up resulting in excessive sweating. Therefore, by controlling temperature the products provide customers with the benefit of maintaining their highest and best performance for an extended period of time. This is because users are able to ‘use’ their muscles for longer periods of time (Under Armour). The long sleeves provide protection against cuts, wounds and abrasions that are common in sports requiring high friction. Additionally, to users (performers) who desire to look aesthetically pleasing, the compression technology provides the benefit of enhancing visibility of body muscles. Furthermore, the â€Å"PolyArmour† technology provide s the benefit of protecting the users’ body from UV rays of the sun (Northern Athletic). This acts as a sunscreen averting premature ageing. As far as possible demographic and psychographic segmentation is concerned, the company can use its anti-sweating technology to provide other products such as deodorants that block body odor resulting from stress and sweat. This product can be targeted to virtually anyone, primarily women and men aged 19 and above who are likely to experience hormonal changes that are conducive to more sweating. Furthermore, recognizing the fact that the inclusion of women in sports such as

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USA Contract Law Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

USA Contract Law - Assignment Example The contracting parties need to be of legal age and sound competence and they should agree mutually on the terms of the contract. The contract law is governed by the provisions of the UCC and the Restatement of Contracts. The UCC governs the sale of tangible and movable assets, property leases, and financial transactions. The common law principles of a contract are summarised, restated and published as the Restatement of Contracts by the American Law Institute. Legal professionals quote the provisions of the Restatement in their written opinions, though this does not have the force of law.[2] When a contract is made, both parties expect some benefit from it and the terms and conditions are consensual. Since unforeseen events in the future may create a loss for any one party, it is essential that both parties are very thorough about the meaning of the content to which they are putting their signature. The whole concept of contracts deal with the future and in many cases gives rise to problems; one or both parties may find that the events that they had anticipated had not gone their way. The problem may be due to a 'mistake.'When one or both parties, to the contract, erroneously believed that certain facts in the contract are true, then a 'mistake' is said to have occurred. In contract law, a mistake can be used to invalidate the agreement. There are two different types of mistakes, according to common law. A 'unilateral mistake' occurs when only one party is mistaken about the terms or contents of the contract. A 'mutual mistake' or a 'common mistake' occurs when both par ties, to the contract, are mistaken about the same term or condition in the contract. Since these mistakes can be used as 'excuses' to invalidate a contract, the provision of 'objective standard of agreement' becomes important in contract law.  

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Orgnaisational structure and design Analyses McDonald's individual Essay

Orgnaisational structure and design Analyses McDonald's individual - Essay Example Most of the restaurants are operated locally (nearly 75%) and the chain of restaurants, one of the most successful brands of today, serves not less than 58 million customers per day (Our Company, n.d.). To achieve goals every organization has certain plans and strategies. The first step to the fact is having well defined mission statement. Mission statement is a sort clarification by the company to the outside world about their prime objective. The mission statement of McDonald's states "be our customer's favorite place and way to eat" (TIUA, n.d.). The vision of the leading restaurant chain reads, "McDonald's vision is to be the world's best quick service restaurant experience. Being the best means providing outstanding quality, service, cleanliness, and value, so that we make every customer in every restaurant smile" (McDonalds Mission Statement, n.d.). To achieve the vision and the mission of any organization, it needs well set objectives and goals for the short and the intermediate term as vision and mission generally represent the long term status of the company. McDonald's, in 1979 came up with a popular scheme of 'happy meal' in which a toy was offered with the meal. Also to successfully implement the strategy taken, the company related their toys with many movies and their famous characters. The business strategy of McDonald's is that of a franchisee system.... The Business Strategy The business strategy of McDonald's is that of a franchisee system. The company generally employs local work force as the franchisee holders. It has a dual advantage. At the first place, the company can leverage out the contacts and networks of the local franchisee. On the other side, the local franchisee can use the global brand name of McDonald's and can get more footfalls in side the restaurant. Today, the biggest challenge faced by most of the multi-national companies is that of survival amidst continuous change and technological innovation. As the world is becoming increasingly smaller, people are becoming more conscious about the value for money. McDonald's in order to face and win such a tumultuous condition has been laying great emphasis on the following Speed - World has become very fast today. People have so many commitments to fulfill with the twenty fours of day. They would not like to wait for food for long at the restaurant. McDonald's has got this indication long before. It conducted certain surveys which revealed that the customers want the services at prompt. The company has been laying importance on speed since then. Cost - As customers are increasingly becoming aware about their hard-earned money, the only way out to have swift survival is through supplying quality food at low or reduced cost. One of the successful strategies in this regard initiated by the McDonald's is that of value meal. Under this scheme, customers enjoy discounts when they purchase number of items at once. Also some franchisee owners issue special discount on a special item on a special day of the week. Nutrition - McDonald's

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Is Iran Seeking Regional Hegemony Research Paper

Is Iran Seeking Regional Hegemony - Research Paper Example This Islamic republic has a set of claims indicated by the supreme leader and the existing guardian council and does not take into account the perception created by the opposition parties or the media. Thus, the Iran government is more capable of coming up with long term strategies aimed at achieving its goals. Financial support, diplomatic activity, trade and the diplomatic activity is an important part of the core strategy of this country as a hard power. However, its efforts to brand itself as an Islamic world leader have not been successful. Its aspiration to undertake regional hegemony and recognize its lead in the overall international status is mainly invented from its large population and territory, its geographical location, its central status at the central of the Islamic-Shiite world, its overall history as a respected regional empire and its economic and the potential of its military. In the recent years, the country is making an effort to expend its overall regional and international territories. This is in line with the Mearsheimer’s hegemony theory which indicates that the existing conflict between the great powers will never end. Iran is seeking regional hegemony through controlling Iraq, Syria, Hezbollah and Houthis Group. According to Mearsheimer, various states are always looking for opportunities to gain high power over other nations who are their main rivals. He indicates that states pursue power due to the anarchic system where they operate (Ottolenghi 2010, 67). In the international politics level, there is no single hierarchy to seek for help or protect one state when they are attacked by another. Thus, states are always relying on themselves for security and expand their military, geographical and economic power to ensure that their security is enhanced. Moreover, Mearsheimer indicates that a state derives power to thrive in international politics and derives the strength of its

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3 lesson plans for algebra Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

3 lesson plans for algebra - Essay Example The purpose of this lesson is to introduce students to quaternions in order to illustrate a non-commutative operation. The lesson will help students understand that the commutative property of multiplication is not always shared by other operations. However, there are other operations such as matrix multiplication and quaternion multiplication that are non-commutative. In these types of multiplication, the order of the factors affects the product. Quaternions are vectors x = x0 + x1 i + x2 j + x3 k where the coefficients x0, x1, x2 and x3 are real numbers and 1, i, j, and k are basis vectors. The product of any quaternions are defined by the following equations: Rules of quaternion operations also include: if a and b are scalars, and m and n are one of the quaternions 1, i, j, or k, then the product (am)(bn) = (ab) (mn). The distributive law also holds: if x = x0 + x1 i and y = y0 + y1 i, then their product is This exercise uses space rotations to arrive at quaternion equations. To demonstrate the rotations, a book is used with one end of a belt held firmly between its pages, while the other end of the belt is held firmly under a pile of books on a table. Three mutually perpendicular axes are used: the k-axis pointing upwards from the book, the i-axis pointing from the book to the right as you face the table, and the j-axis pointing forwards in the direction from the book to the table. Then an i quaternion is represented by rotating the book 180 degrees about the i axis in the positive sense (if your thumb points along the i-axis, the positive direction of rotation is in the direction your fingers curl). Similarly, the j and k quaternions are represented by 180 degree rotations in the positive direction about the j and k axes, respectively. A twist in the belt represents -1. Now the defining equations (1-4) of

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Individual Assignment Essay Example for Free

Individual Assignment Essay Financial Concepts Guillermo Navallez is challenged with a market changes that have occurred over the past couple of years. With the economic environment created by the new competition and increase in labor costs, he will need to apply principles of finance to determine the best course of action to allow his furniture store to survive. After review and thoughtful consideration Guillermo decided to use the following to determine the best course of action: The Principle of Self-Interest Behavior, the Signaling Principle, and The Principle of Comparative Advantage. Using the behavioral based principles, economics and psychology can be integrated to help in the decision making process. Likewise, expertise can be the basis for choices made. The Principle of Self-Interested Behavior People generally, act in their own financial self-interest. The Principle of Self-Interested Behavior states that when all things are equal, parties involved will gravitate to the action that is most financially advantageous. A key concept with this principle is the idea of opportunity costs, or the difference between the value of one action and the value of best alternative (Emery, Finnerty, Stowe, 2007). To maximize potential profits, Guillermo will want to review carefully the different options available. The development and review of anticipate financial results will help identify from a purely financial perspective. The Principle of Self-Interested Behavior would help Guillermo with his end decision, if his financial interest was the most important component. When considering his concern the effect that the decision will have on his family life, this principle will likely not be the guiding force in the decision he makes. The Signaling Principle The Signaling Principle is an extension of the Principle of Self-Interested Behavior (Emery, Finnerty, Stowe, 2007). Decisions of one party in a financial market will provide signals to others. The old adage â€Å"actions speak louder than words† is a clear explanation of this principle (Garger, 2011). The actions of the competitors can play an important role in the decision making process. Guillermo understands that how others are handling the changes in the market can help him with his decision. He learns that many of his competitors are consolidating in to large organizations. The path taken by the others in the industry were not attractive to him. Guillermo saw that additional management reasonability and the forced retirements were not fitting to his lifestyle or personal financial expectations. The Signaling Principle would be a good practice for the foreign competition as they would benefit by understanding how others capitalized on the situation of the individual furniture makers left in the market. The Principle of Comparative Advantage Much like the very idea that the United States’ economic system is based, the Principle of Comparative Advantage stated that if people do what they do best, the most qualified people will be completing that type of work. One can pay another to do what they do best and vice versa. Foreign trade is based on this same idea. Some countries can produce goods more economically than others. By producing these goods and trading them with countries that can efficiently produce another needed good, everybody benefits (Emery, Finnerty, Stowe, 2007). Through his research, Guillermo found a company that was still operating in exclusively in Norway, but was looking to distribute in the North America. Guillermo had connections with distributors and expert knowledge as to the furniture being sought after. By becoming a representative for the Norwegian company, he would work with the network he had developed to distribute their products. His company focus would change from primarily manufacturing to distribution. The Norwegian company would pay him for work he was extremely qualified to do, and they would make a majority of the furniture that would be sold. Both Guillermo and the furniture maker would win under of the Principle of Comparative Advantage. Conclusion Principles of finance can be very beneficial in making business decisions. They can deal with the competition in the economic environment, creating value and economic efficiency, and financial transactions.

The Amazing Catch Essay Example for Free

The Amazing Catch Essay I am writing this paper on the video clip of the amazing catch made by the ball girl. This paper is going to be my perception of the video as I go through the three stages of perception. I will also be explaining my thoughts throughout the three stages of perception while watching the video. In addition, I will in the end be deciding whether or not I believe the video to be true or fake. Selection. Selection is defined in the book as the following â€Å"The process of attending to a stimulus. † (Floyd, pg. 109) I have watched this video over and over before writing this paper, but the first time I watched it nothing really stood out to me besides the very end where the girl catches the ball because that stimulus was unusual so my brain selected that. However, when I repeatedly watched the video I started to notice other things because I was using repetition. Some things that started to stand out to me were that the catcher changes his glove from one hand to another throughout the short video. Also the logo on the catcher’s vest changes sides during the video. And the last thing that stuck out was that after the girl catches the ball, you cant really tell she has a ponytail and she keeps her face towards the ground and not up where you can see it. The third characteristic of selection is intensity, which sort of ties the first two characteristics together. The reason I noticed the catch first was because it was my first time seeing the video so I didn’t know what to expect, and because the intensity or unusualness of the catch caught me off guard and my brain became alert, but as I began to look closer after watching it a few times I noticed more minute differences that I would never had noticed the first time watching the video. Organization. The book says organization is â€Å"The process of categorizing information that has been selected for attention.† (Floyd, pg. 109) When we are in the second stage of perception, there are four types of schema that  we use when we classify what we perceive about other people. Those four schemas are physical constructs, role constructs, interaction constructs, and psychological constructs. I however didn’t really use all four of those constructs when watching the amazing catch. I used three of the four schema, the physical, role and interaction constructs were the ones I used while classifying the information I perceived. When it comes to the physical constructs, it emphasizes people’s physical attributes. I noticed the girl wasn’t very tall, she was probably mid twenties, and that she had a slim body shape, which are all factors that make the catch hard to believe. The role constructs emphasize people’s social or professional positio n. I noticed at the end of the video was that she was a ball girl, and most ball girl or boys don’t ever go for a ball if it is in play or could potentially stay in play which I thought was a tad bit odd. The last construct that I used is the interaction construct. The interaction construct emphasizes people’s behaviors and I noticed that the girl kept her head down until she was in the chair with the camera on her. I find that weird because if you had just made a catch as amazing as that in a major league baseball game the last thing you would be doing is calmly jogging back to your seat. You would be showing off and admiring all of the cheers you were getting from the crowd. Stage one also aided in completing stage two because without being able to select the different stimuli in the beginning I wouldn’t be able to organize them and I wouldn’t have noticed all of the constructs that I saw during stage two. Interpretation. Interpretation is â€Å"The process of assigning meaning to information that has been selected for attention and organized.† (Floyd, pg. 111) There are three factors when it comes to interpretation. The three factors are experience, knowledge, and closeness. These are not especially useful in this situation because I have no personal experience with this girl, I have no former knowledge of this girl, and I have no closeness or relationship with this ball girl. I do however have prior knowledge of major league baseball. In major league baseball I have a hard time believing that a ball girl/boy would just jump into the game and catch a ball that was still in play, that is not their job and it is very unlikely. I don’t have a relationship with the girl, and I don’t have any prior experience with her  so I have no idea if she would just jump right into the middle of a game, but also having no prior closeness to this girl it is a lot easier to doubt her and feel like she is lying. Stage one and stage two of the perception process helped aid in my completion of stage three because without having stimuli to select and then organize I would have nothing to create an interpretation of. In conclusion, I do not think this video is real. I think this video is fake because of the switching of the glove and logo on the catchers uniform. I also found it very weird that you never got to see a close up of the girls face after the catch until she was all the way back at her seat. The last thing that makes me think this video isn’t real is that it just isn’t a believable thing for anyone to be able to do. I don’t think any human unless they were extremely tall would be able to jump to such a great height. It would be very impressive if this video truly is real, I just don’t perceive it to be. Works Cited Floyd, Kory. The Process of Perception. Interpersonal Communication. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2011. 108-13. Print.

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History Of South Africa

History Of South Africa South Africa was settled by the Dutch in 1652 as an ending point for ships on their way to the East Indies. The Dutch first settled the area that was to be Cape Town and with time expanded across the entire tip of southern Africa. Fruit and vegetables were grown here to battle the problem of scurvy aboard passing ships. South Africa changed hands and became a British colony, after the Napoleonic wars in 1815. Most of the Dutch went north to escape from the English. Here they developed tribe- a well known community, and over the period of time they migrated South from Central Africa. Overt there a war resulted between the Dutch Boers and the Zulus, a powerful tribe led by Shaka. The Boers won and created an Afrikaner state in the north. In 1899 there were the Boer Wars as a result of the English trying to capture this Afrikaner state. In 1910 South Africa became a union which is a coalition between the English and Afrikaner states. In 1960 South Africa became independence from British rule and became a republic. During the 90s, with the release of Nelson Mandela- president, South Africa went through an amazing transformation. South Africa (Africas southernmost nation) is also Africas largest and most developed economy. Today South Africa produces high-tech equipment and is a world leader in the output of gold and diamonds. Johannesburg and its satellite cities are home to more than 8 million people and generate 9 percent of all economic activity in Africa. In the 21st century, South Africa is a democratic country representing all its diverse people-often called the rainbow nation. Today South Africa is making up for decades of social disruption and lost education, but high unemployment and the AIDS epidemic threaten economic progress. NELSON MENDELAS CONTRIBUTION Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was born on 18 July 1918 and served aspresident of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. He was the first ever to be elected in a fully representative democratic election. South Africa was a troubled nation for a long time and things are not perfect yet, but he fought hard for victory. Years after he started his journey, he became the first democratically elected president of South Africa. Nelson Mandelas political path started from 1944 when he and 5 comrades organized the African National Congress Youth League. He was appointed league president and in 1952 he was elected as national volunteer-in-chief of the ANCs Defiance Campaign, a civil disobedience campaign against discriminatory legislation. And this was the start of his resistance against apartheid aws. The following years were marked with Mandelas arrestment, banned and imprisoned accompanied with contributions to the freedom struggle. In the year 1959 Mandela and 155 members of the ANC were arrested. Mandela went underground leading his army to bring freedom and peace back to all South Africans. After 17 months he was arrested and sent to Robin Island which is the most notorious prison in South Africa, on a life sentence. Nelson Mandela established teaching community at Robben Island even when he was in prison and he never gave up his struggle. Finally the rest of the world began to see the sheer wrongness. The government was left with no choice but it had to freed Mandela and other people. Nelson then formed the first multi-racial government in South Africa and due to this he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, and became President. After this he changed the country and freed a nation. Between 1960 and 1994 as a president, Mandela organized the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to investigate human rights and to keep an eye on political violations committed by both supporters and opponents of apartheid. He introduced large number of social and economic programs to improve the standard of living of black people of South Africa. In 1996 Mandela presided over the enactment of a new South African constitution, which established a strong central government based on majority rule. Through this it was made possible to prohibit discrimination against minorities, including whites. In the year 1998, it was his 80th birthday and Mandela wed the politician and humanitarian Graca Machel who was the widow of the former president of Mozambique. The next year, Nelson finally retired from politics at the end of his first term as president. Nelson Mandela will be remembered always for his humility, empathy, leadership power and strong efforts towards South African liberation. CULTURE OF SOUTH AFRICA The South Africa culture is known for its ethnic and cultural diversity. Culture in South Africa is about as diverse as it can come. The black South African still has a large number of rural inhabitants who lead largely poor lives. Though cultural traditions survive most strongly among black South African, aspects of traditional culture have declined as the black South African have become increasingly urbanised and westernised. Urban black South Africans, generally, speak English or Afrikaans in addition to their native languages. Some smaller but significant groups of blacks also speak Khoisan languages. Some of them are speakers of the endangered languages most of whom belong to the KhoiSan family, that receive no official status. The life style of members of middle class, who are predominantly white, is very similar in many respects to that of people found in Western Europe, North America and Australasia. Some of them often study and work abroad for a great experience to the world market. Indian South Africans are very particular about their heritage, languages and religious beliefs, being Christian, Hindu or Muslim and speaking English, with Indian languages like Hindi, Telugu, Tamil or Gujarati. South Africa is a multi-cultural society and defining distinct subgroups by skin colour. The mixture and joining in South Africas urban areas, along with the suppression of traditional cultures during the apartheid years which shows that the old ways of life are vanishing but traditional black cultures is still prevailing across the country. Marriage customs and taboos differ across the different groups but the majority of the traditions are based on the beliefs in a mannish divinity, inherited spirits, and paranormal forces. Generally, polygamy (a marriage which includes more than two partners) is accepted and lobolo (dowry) is usually paid. Zulu is one of the strongest surviving black cultures and massed Zulu singing at Inkatha Freedom Party demonstrations is a powerful expression of this ancient culture. The Xhosa also have a strong presence; they are known as the red people because of the red-dyed clothing worn by most adults. The Ndebele are a related group, who live in the north-western corner of what is now Mpumalanga in strikingly painted houses. The distinct culture of the Afrikaners has developed in a deliberate isolation, which saw them wandering around with cows and the Bible while 19th-century Europe experimented with democracy and liberalism. Till today, rural communities are revolving around the conservative Dutch Reformed Churches, however Afrikaner redneck is extremely far from a tautology. Apart from the Afrikaners, most of the European South Africans are of British extraction. The British generally tend to have the dominance over the business and financial sectors. There is also a large and prominent Jewish population and a significant Indian population. Though South Africa is a home to a great diversity of cultures, most were suppressed during the apartheid years when day-to-day practice of traditional and contemporary cultures was ignored, and destroyed. In the society, one can be jailed for owning a politically incorrect painting, serious art was forced underground and blandness ruled in the galleries and theatres. SOCIETY SOCIAL STRATIFICATION Classes and Castes Foundation of Cape Town was done in 1652. There were various indicators of racial unfairness. Slaves were of mixed parentage, they rated high than Africans. Since three centuries the system of racism slowly attained a legal status in society. In that process, class and economic status of darker people confined as lower. Despite of racism these people obtained a formal education and a European-style middle class cultural and economic identity as merchants, farmers, colonial civil servants, clerks, teachers, and clergy also many prominent leaders were born including Nelson Mandela. Symbols of Social Stratification Before colonialism, the aristocratic chiefs symbolized their authority by wearing special animal-skin clothing, ornaments, and the power of military equipments, by functioning of chiefly courts and assemblies and they were also entitled by custom to display, mobilize, and increase their wealth by acquisition of many wives and large herds of cattle. Inkhatha march served as a status symbol, with fine horses, pioneer wagons, and horse-drawn carts giving way to imported luxury automobiles. POLITICAL LIFE Government African communities were based on the hereditary period of rule, in which the senior son of the highest or great wife of a chief succeeded his father. Whereas succession was not straightforward, and brothers, older sons of other wives, and widows all competes for power. A decade later, Afrikaner emigrants from the Cape ( voortrekkers ), established the independent republics of the Orange Free State and the Transvaal, ruled by an elected president and a popular assembly called a volksraad . Leadership and Political Officials Democratically elected president, Nelson Mandela was one of the most admired political figures in the world. There are nine provinces, each with a premier selected by the local ruling party and provincial ministerial executives. Social Problems and Control Legacy problems amount to a social crisis. Unrepresentative government and repressive racial regulations created mistrust of the law among the black majority. Unemployment is rapidly increasing since 1994 which leads to highest crime rates. The education and health care facilities are failing. The established black townships are tapped under unemployment, crime, and insecurity, including drug dealings, alcoholism, rape, domestic violence, and child abuse. Military Activity The South African Defense Force was notorious for its unstable intervention in the civil war in Angola in the mid-1970s. After 1994, the army has renamed by South African National Defense Force (SANDF). It achieved progress toward racial integration under the command of recently promoted black officers drawn from the armed wing of the ANC, Umkhonto we Sizwe, and the military budget experienced reductions that have limits ability of the SANDF to respond military emergencies. Major military venture since 1994 leads of an invasion force to save Lesothos elected government which was poorly planned and executed. Peacekeeping missions were doubted by high rates of HIV infection. SOCIAL WELFARE AND CHANGE PROGRAMS Land restitution and reform, judicial reform, pro-employee labor regulations, welfare grants, free primary schooling, pre-natal and natal medical care, tough penalties for crimes and child abuse, and high taxes and social spending are all part of the ruling partys efforts to address the social crisis. These problems have been difficult to deal with because only 30% of the population contributes to national revenue and because poverty is widespread and deeply rooted. This effort has been made more difficult by restrictions on the level of deficit spending the government can afford without deterring local and foreign investment. An extreme level of social spending, however, has eased social tension and unrest and helped stabilize the democratic transformation. SOCIALIZATION Infant Care Baby care is traditionally the sphere of mothers, grandmothers, and older sisters in all communities. Among the social problems affecting these communities prevalence of early teenage pregnancy. Many white middle-class families have part/full-time servants who assist with child care, including the care of infants. The employment of servants to rear children exposes children to adult caregivers of other cultures and allows unskilled women to support their own absent children. Child Rearing and Education Primary context of family is for the socialization of the young. The African extended family system provides a range of adult caregivers and role models for children within the kinship network. African families have shown elasticity as a socializing agency, but repression and poverty have damaged family structure among the poor. Middle-class families of all races socialize their children in the manner of suburban Europeans. Today a unified system of formal Western schooling includes the entire population, but the damage done by the previous educational structure has been difficult to overcome. Schools in black areas have few resources, and educational privilege still exists in the wealthier formerly white suburbs. Expensive private academies and schools maintained by the relatively wealthy Jewish community are among the countrys best. Rates of functional illiteracy remain high. Higher Education There are more than twenty universities and numerous technical training institutes which are of varying quality and many of them are nominated as black ethnic universities under apartheid have continued to experience political disturbances and financial crises. Now racially mixed universities are also experiencing financial difficulties in the face of a declining pool of qualified entrants as well as slow rate of economic growth. RELIGION Religious Beliefs South Africa is a deeply religious country with high rates of participation in religious life. The population is tremendously Christian with only very small Jewish, Muslim, and Hindu minorities. Other important denominations include Roman Catholics, Methodists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, and Anglicans. Indigenous Black African religion centered on veneration of and guidance from the ancestors, belief in various minor spirits, spiritual modes of healing, and seasonal agricultural rites. The drinking of cereal beer and the ritual slaughter of livestock accompanied the many occasions for family and communal ritual feasting such as births, initiation, marriage, and funerals. Religious Practitioners Indigenous African religious practitioners included herbalists and diviners who attended to the spiritual needs and maladies of both individuals and communities. In some cases their clairvoyant powers were employed by chiefs for advice and prophesy. Historically, Christian missionaries and traditional diviners have been enemies, but this has not prevented the dramatic growth of hybrid Afro-Christian churches, religious movements, prophetism, and spiritual healing alongside mainstream Christianity. Other important religions include Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism. For the Afrikaners, the Dutch Reformed Church has provided a spiritual and organizational foundation for their nationalist cultural politics and ideology. Rituals and Holy Places All religions and ethnic sub national groups have founded shrines to their tradition where momentous events have occurred, their leaders are buried, or miracles are believed to have happened. The grave of Sheikh Omar, for example, a seventeenth-century leader of resistance to Dutch rule in the East Indies who was transported to the Cape and became an early leader of the Malay community, is sacred to Cape Muslims. Afrikaners regard the site of the Battle of Blood River (Ncome) in 1838 as sacred because their leader Andries Pretorius made a covenant with their God promising perpetual devotion if victory over the vastly more numerous Zulu army were achieved. The long intergroup conflict over the land itself has led to the sacralization of many sites that are well remembered and frequently visited by a great many South Africans of all backgrounds. Death and the Afterlife In addition to the beliefs in the soul and afterlife of the varying world religions in South Africa, continued belief in and consultation with family ancestors remains strong among Black Africans. People at a Zulu market Zulu is the largest South African language group, with about nine million speakers, but it does not represent a dominant ethnic grouping. Formal communal graveyards, not a feature of pre-colonial African culture, have since become a focus of ancestral veneration and rootedness in the land. Disused graves and ancestral shrines have most recently figured in the land restitution claims of expropriated African communities lacking formal deeds of title to their former homes. THE SIMILARITIES BETWEEN INDIA AND SOUTH AFRICA India and South Africa share history and festivals which reminds of the heritage. They both are richly diverse countries. The people in India and South Africa are majority of dark skin. Indians and South Africans like spicy food. The Poverty rate of South Africa and India is almost the same. Animal life also similar in both the countries, where elephant and monkey are the two most common animas among India and South Africa. Jungles are also there in both the countries with the similar landscape. Indian weather and South African weather is hot. Both Indians and Africans were slave by the outsiders. India and South Africa both are rich by their culture. Both India and South Africa are still developing. India and South Africa has geniuses who know every thing in their field. India has a national holiday on 2nd October for celebrating the great mans birthday is also a significant day in South Africa. Both India and South Africa are seen as the backward places by some of the countries.

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Capital Punishment Essay: Incidental Issues :: Argumentative Persuasive Topics

Incidental Issues and Capital Punishment      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  This essay gives consideration to some of the incidental issues in the death penalty debate: cost, relative suffering, brutalization, and others.    Many nondecisive issues are associated with capital punishment. Some believe that the monetary cost of appealing a capital sentence is excessive (1). Yet most comparisons of the cost of life imprisonment with the cost of life imprisonment with the cost of execution, apart from their dubious relevance, are flawed at least by the implied assumption that life prisoners will generate no judicial costs during their imprisonment. At any rate, the actual monetary costs are trumped by the importance of doing justice.    Others insist that a person sentenced to death suffers more than his victim suffered, and that this (excess) suffering is undue according to the lex talionis (rule of retaliation) (2). We cannot know whether the murderer on death row suffers more than his victim suffered; however, unlike the murderer, the victim deserved none of the suffering inflicted. Further, the limitations of the lex talionis were meant to restrain private vengeance, not the social retribution that has taken its place. Punishment-- regardless of the motivation-- is not intended to revenge, offset, or compensate for the victim's suffering, or to measured by it. Punishment is to vindicate the law and the social order undermined by the crime. This is why a kidnapper's penal confinement is not limited to the period for which he imprisoned his victim; nor is a burglar's confinement meant merely to offset the suffering or the harm he caused his victim; nor is it meant only to offset the advantage he gained (3).    Another argument heard at least since Beccaria (4) is that, by killing a murderer, we encourage, endorse, or legitimize unlawful killing. Yet, although all punishments are meant to be unpleasant, it is seldom argued that they legitimize the unlawful imposition of identical unpleasantness. Imprisonment is not thought to legitimize kidnapping; neither are fines thought to legitimize robbery. The difference between murder and execution, or between kidnapping and imprisonment, is that the first is unlawful and undeserved, the second a lawful and deserved punishment for an unlawful act. The physical similarities of the punishment to the crime are irrelevant. The relevant difference is not physical, but social (5).    We threaten punishments in order to deter crime. We impose them not only to make the threats credible but also as retribution (justice) for the crimes that were not deterred.

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Vegetarianism Essay -- Healthy Lifestyle Essay

Vegetarianism Eating is a staple of life. In every culture, food customs and variety are part of that cultures definition. In American society and other cultures, meat is a main food that is consumed, yet not by everyone. Dating back to medieval times, some meats were not consumed due to the "impurities" they were seen to be by the religions of the time. Throughout history, this has developed from not eating red meat, to not eating any meat at all, and even further to the vegan extreme of not eating any animal products at all. Though not everyone feels this way, more and more people change their eating habits every day. Methodology Due to the nature of this report, information is not hard to find, especially in this town. Considering that there is a whole food "industry" in today's society, the data is not hard to collect. Also, with the new wave of vegetarianism and veganism making its way through society, research on it was plentiful. Most of the books in the library tended to be older books, but they did briefly go into vegetarianism in certain sections. As is shown through various graffiti art on the sidewalks, such as "VEGAN POWER XXX," to the food in the dorms (signs stating the vegan or vegetarian nature of the food), this is a new heath and moral concern with people, but especially college students today. Students who have changed their eating habits are also good sources for information on how one goes about changing theirs too. Description and Analysis To live, one has to eat, and the best food for the body is that of the healthy nature. "The concept of eating in such a way as to help the body to balance and adjust itself is of course a widespread one," (pg. 93, Wheeler/Poh). Over the years, starting b... ...matter. Actually narrowing my paper down helped me be more productive for I had a goal in mind instead of just a very broad subject matter of food. This report turned out very well and I enjoyed researching it. However, in the future I hope to interview more people to get more of a range of opinions. Overall, I enjoyed doing this research and finding out more about vegetarianism than I could have ever imagined. References Denny, Laura. 2001. Interview by Sarah E. Patterson, 2 December, Bloomington, Indiana. Tape Recording. SEP A-052. Twigg, Julia. 1983. "Vegetarianism and the Meaning of Meat," in The Sociology of Food and Eating, by Anne Murcott. England: Gower Publishing Company Limited. Wheeler, Erica and Poh, Tan Swee. 1983. "Food for Equilibrium," in The Sociology of Food and Eating, by Anne Murcott. England: Gower Publishing Company Limited.

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Telecommunication Abstract What is telecommunication? Although a considerable number of studies have been actually conducted on telecommunication, I have never had academic opportunity to examine what it is. While the word ?etelecommunication?f has been brought to public attention, how many of us can exactly define it? How many of us can explain it in cultural context as well as in technological context? In my opinion, the word ?etelecommunication?f seems to be going forward itself so that our consciousness cannot catch up with it. As a new graduate student of the department of telecommunication, I hope to comprehensively understand what telecommunication is, and organize present issues systematically through this article. According to the requirement, this article consists of the following: areas and issues in telecommunication; key questions that telecommunication tries to answer; methods for studying, researching, and creating in telecommunication; and my learning and career goals for my telecommunication M A. What is telecommunication? In order to answer a kind of vague question such as what telecommunication is, I would like to focus on the areas in telecommunication in the beginning. Carne (1995) proposed the following: Telecommunication means communication from afar; it is the action of communicating-at-distance. In the broadest sense, it can include several ways of communicating (letters, telegraphs, telephone, etc); however, it is customary to associate it only with electronic communication systems such as telephone, data communication, radio, and television. (p.5) From this viewpoint, one may say that telecommunication is literally one of the ways of communication to receive or send massages. The question I have to ask here is what communication is. We unconsciously use the word ?ecommunication?f in a daily life. Then, how can we define communication, whose categories seem to range widely? In 1985 Charp and Hines described communication as the method by which we exchange sounds, signals, pictures and languages between people and places (p.13). From this definition, I realize that discussion in a class, conversation with someone by phone, writing a letter, reading a newspaper, and watching television are all grouped into the same category named communication because we exchange something with somebody by them. The question is what differentiates one communication from the other at more detailed categories. The first thing I notice is that the way of communication is different from each other: in some cases, communication from one to many or many to many, in the others, however, communication in person. In addition, it seems to depend on whether it is mediated or not.

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Leukemia Research Paper Essay

PART I: I personally know of a couple of skeletal diseases. I know of Leukemia, which is a type of cancer where white blood cells multiply in an uncontrolled manner, and the cause is unknown. I have also personally met someone with Leukemia, and it is not a slow-moving disease; he unfortunately died within a few years. I know of osteoporosis from the notes. It is a disease resulting in the loss of bone tissue. The cancellous bone loses calcium, becomes thinner, and may eventually disappear altogether. I don’t know if a fracture constitutes as a bone disease, but they can be Spiral, Closed, Open, or Multiple. One of the most well-known bone diseases is Arthritis. It is a disease of the joints; victims suffer pain, stiffness, and swelling of the joints. Many athletes will also show signs of Tendonitis, a disorder involving stiffness or pain in the muscles or joints. I want to find out more about Leukemia, the most relatable disease to me, and what symptoms the victims of it suffer. PART II: I am going to choose to research the skeletal disease of Leukemia, because it has personally affected me in my life. One of our close family friend’s children died of Leukemia when he was five. He had a very advanced form of Leukemia when he was born and it was a very sad time when he passed. I will more specifically be researching Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia, the disease he suffered from. I am looking for treatment options, symptoms, and prevention abilities. PART III: I began my search by typing â€Å"Leukemia† into Google search and got many reliable sources. I chose a source from the Mayo Clinic that clearly defined the disease and had a brief synopsis of the disease. I also went to the Leukemia & Lymphoma society’s website and found a document on the specific type of leukemia I was researching. I also searched the symptoms of Leukemia and found a good source on Medicine Net. SOURCES: – – – PART IV: I learned that Leukemia is a blood cancer that attacks the bone marrow and the Lymphatic system. I learned that many different types exist and treatment can be complex, depending on the type of Leukemia and other factors. I learned that Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia is most commonly diagnosed in infants, much like my close friend. I didn’t know, but JMML is a very uncommon type of blood cancer and it only occurs in infancy and early childhood. I learned that symptoms can be fevers, frequent infections, swollen lymph nodes, weight loss for no reason, bleeding and bruising easily, and pain in the joints and bones. I learned that doctors diagnose Leukemia by physical exams as well as blood tests and biopsies. I learned that stem-cell transplantation could be used for treatment of this cancer. My friend had this done with the help of his younger brother, and actually went into remission for two years. I really learned a lot about this disease and have an enlightened perspective on Leukemia and its unfortunate victims.

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Gender Differences in Religious Belief Essay

critically examine the proportionship amongst sex, sacred fortuneicipation and spectral organisation Studies of religious belief verify consistently that the pistillate gender turn ins great conflict to holiness than that of males. This great commit manpowert to holiness depict by sociologists such as Bensen applies passim the course of the charrs life, and as utteranced by Glock and Stark, their greater betroth to corporate trust is consistent regardless of the religious organization, whether it be clean Religious move ments, raw long time unearthlyity, or customsal faiths. Beit-hallahmy and argyle state that whether it is a matter of reclusive churchgoing or private suppliant and regardless of religious belief women surface much(prenominal) religious than men.Religions universally suffer been implant to be deeply authoritarian to women, born from ancient teachings indicating their inferiority to men. Writers exchangeable de Beauvoir and Sadwai fol low through organized morality and religious ideology as playing a part in maintaining male domination that is order in most aspects of contemporary societal life. In religious scriptures women sorb the lesser position De Beauvoir highlights how scriptures in most religions paint a picture that man is master by cleric right and Aldridge explains how in the Quran women ar legitimately inferior to men.Why, then, do women observe a faith which encourages their oppression, more so than the gender with the power to dominate it? Biological figures put down with Miller and Hoffmans explanation that women involve fewer risks than men and as a result undertake to conform to a groups religious identity operator rather than undertake the challenge of representation and autonomy. Men more a great deal jib the religious beliefs of the mainstream and engage in risk-taking behaviors. tally to Stark this risk taking intention in a man to not think ahead opines that men argon l ess religious because they argon willing to take a hazard on there not world an futurity. However sociologists like Freese and Montgomery count this argument works on an effrontery that every sensation makes the same risk assessment when in fact men atomic subjugate 18 fair more prep bed to take that risk.Roth produced a study which showed there to be a smaller breakout between genders in the percentage who believe in an afterlife just a large gap in those who break attendance and request to religion, suggesting women just participate actively more than men. Armstrong states that biological differences between men and women gave substance to male domination patriarchal montheism has replaced polysthetic beliefs which promoted the component part of the feminine in fraternity, for which raise was found by archeologists in the form of old(a) statues of goddesses. He argues that natural male invasion was the tool apply to manipulate religion into a patriarchal insti tution.The socializations built upon this biology, are of men to be strong and domineering, and of women to be passive, obedient, and nurturing, which according to Mol, are the qualities associated with religiosity. Miller and Hoffman evince that gender socialisation makes women more cooperative and caring, and this butt end leads to m all explanations for their greater club in religion. One is their map of guardians in family life. Bruce states that womens child bearing and nurture experiences for instance develop their traits as nurturers as opposed to confrontational and goal seeking.Luckmann progress explains that women pretend a greater debt instrument for rearing children and participate to a lesser degree in the labor force, exit them with more time for church-related activities and a greater need for a ascendant of in-person identity and commitment. Women are more apt(predicate) to take on the task of the chaste development of their child along with the stand-i n of their duties in socializing a child. thither is an outlook for women to be defenders of tradition and Halman and Draulans note that these lineaments give women a greater accent on the family. Luckmann in like manner highlights how womens reference as a housewife gives them lesser participation in the labor force, divergence them with more time for church-related activities and a greater need for a source of ain identity and commitment.They are more apparent to experience emplacement frustration, born from the constraints of house tutelage and child forethought or the unsatisfying dispirit middle class jobs which are in general done by women. Religious participation can regenerate identity and give women focus, because where men gain individuality with work, women revive their low sense of expense through religion. Religious faith and devote can enhance psychological offbeat by organism a source of comfort to women in times of inconvenience and by enhancing thei r social interaction with early(a)s in places of worship. more(prenominal) responsive and sensitive record traits in a woman mean they are more potential to analyse emotional wellbeing and not alone seek solace in religion bit find meaning and habit in life. Personality was be prove as a key factor by Thompson, who found that men who cause those qualities more commonly found in women, such as predisposition , were also more likely to be religious.Reasons other than oppression that lead a high(prenominal) percentage of women to respond to their environment and pursue happiness through religion are the increased levels of poverty they experience. Official figures show women are 14% more likely than men to lead in households with incomes that are 60% below the national average. More frequently diagnosed mental illness and economic crisis in women can explain their higher(prenominal) contribution to religion, as cults, sects as a social network and comfort for women extran eous the isolation of the home or of their minds. Womens tend to be more loose about sharing personal problems and are more relational than men which is further in the close knit friendship of a sect.The intimacy of the private subject can also replicate womens compass of the home whilst theodicies explaining their findings and offering solutions warrant their role as a woman. New Religious Movements such as cults are also slackly more public with women because of cult focus on self-discovery and fulfilment, which correlates with the womanish inclination towards self-criticism and self-improvement, due to their suffering higher levels of marginalisation and lack of self-confidence. Some evidence contradicts the male role as non-spiritual however, as Davie found there is an equal spiritual confidence in the existence of ghosts between genders. A key to understanding redbrick womens higher participation in religion is the shifts in demographic trends.Brierlys study found th at in 1979 the balance of male church goers were 45% but in 1989 it had dropped to 42%. The ratio of live females to live males rises steadily and correspondingly a disproportionate number of elderly women seek refuge in the church in response to loneliness or cheering philosophy nearing the end of their lives. Davie explains how women are more actively responsive to religion because males and females have differing visions of God males associate him with power and status whereas women associate with his traits of love, comfort and forgiveness which explains their greater involvement in community religions.They are more concerned with people orientation course than control. Female differences in nature also explains the particular appeal of New Age ideas revolved around well-being and vehemence relief. Concepts such as herbalism, yoga and meditation, homeopathy, aromatherapy and massage, horoscopes, astrology, fortune-telling are potently associated with females, according to G lendinning and Bruce. This recent marketization of religion often promotes earthly concepts which are more link up to femininity and female empowerment than the tradition of male domination. develop Gaia, the theory of Mother Earth as a keep entity, is more appealable to women for instance. Womens heightened otherworldliness can be attributed to their greater role in biological life processes. Walter and Davie see women as more emotionally subject to the ups and downs of life because of childbirth, and their nurturing role as teachers, care assistants, social workers, and so on, and also the expectation that they be unpaid carers for vulnerable family members.This heightens their sensitivity and attunes the spiritual dimension of human existence, because as Davie argues, these factors give women a closer intimacy with birth and death which are generally central concepts of religion. As females live longer than men some studies have shown that many widowed women may turn to r eligion for the comfort of reassuring philosophies and social networks. It is affirmable that some women take refuge from some of the theoretical oppressions bore by religion. Swatos dialogue of the fulfilment that can be had from being a second class citizenship. womens liberationist writers like Walby and be Beauvoir suggest that the teaching of many of the worlds religions stomach an ideology of the family which emphasises womens traditional roles as wives and mothers in the family. Some women, however, are sharp to take on this role.Barrett and Pryce, for instance, highlight how Rastafarianism assumes the womans position as a housewife and mother as a protection from inner and racial abomination in the outside world. On one hand this gives ultimate power to men by denying female participation to society in the name of protection, but some more introverted Rastafarian women may enjoy this safety within the sphere of the home. A similar contradiction of female subjugation i s the veil whilst Aldridge notes the hijab in Islamic assimilations as a symbol of patriarchy, degrading women to a state of invisibility and keeping them devoid of identity, some women find anonymity to be protective from the judgement and sexual degradation of men.A growing number of Western Muslims have taken to draining the veil to in fact reinstate a female identity enjoin from their face writers like Ahmed and Watson argue that the gauze bandage of ones face can be a way to turn down the patriarchy and sexual objectification of Western culture which views women as visual objects. Faiths as a majority oppose the admission of women to leaders in religious organisations.A paronomasia of the stained glass ceiling is used as a pun by sociologists to explain how women are maintained at the bottom of the career ladder to pledge within the church, and barred completely from the priesthood in Roman Catholicism and Orthodox Judaism, which is seemingly discriminatory, but perhap s female role models within religious doctrines presented as pocket-size and nurturing figures have had such an influence on the identity of a religious women that they feel more comfortable in a non-domineering role. Examples can be taken from any religion proving the sub-ordinance of women taught by most faith systems.The socialisation of women to be obedient and take on the follower role fashion they are further likely to be a willing follower of religion. boilersuit social, psychological, and biological factors interlink to form explanations for greater female participation in religion and religious organisation. The gravity of female relation to religion as an explanation, compensator, duty, and social volcano mean that their commitment is likely to stay put regardless of the injustices and subjugations it bears upon the gender.

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How to write an introduction for a dissertation?

How to write an introduction for a dissertation?

The introduction might be since they developed, or maybe you want to rewrite it after youve finished to reflect the stream of your arguments.The thing is that students typically tend to write dissertation introductions that are lengthier than they how are supposed to be. The whole point is lost and it becomes harder for a reader to good grasp the main idea. Writing a very detailed introduction is another common problem. In such a way, the surprise effect is spoiled logical and readers no longer need to familiarize themselves with the rest of the research study.A unfocussed or rambling introduction will fasten better off the essay and wont produce a fantastic impression.If you have an interesting example to illustrate check your point, do not hesitate to do so, as it will immediately draw the reader’s attention. Then, proceed to describe the topic of your dissertation. Define the subject you want to research. worth Try to choose something unusual or under-researched.

Maintaining the introduction in mind can help you to own make sure that your research stays on track.Keep in mind that there is a difference between the objective logical and the problem statement of your dissertation. Use research questions to dwell upon the problem statement. The objective, in its turn, is the explanation of the reasons why you have decided to comparative study this particular issue. Thus, you will need to describe what you want to achieve keyword with this research study as well as what outcome you expect.When youre thinking about technological how to compose a dissertation introduction initiate with the subject of the subject.Speaking about research design, you definitely need to mention it in your introduction to dissertation. Provide a brief summary of it. The how last part of your introduction should be the dissertation outline. What you are supposed to do is to briefly describe how your dissertation is constructed.

It needs to be fascinating in order to arouse interest, and stand out.In such a way, it is easier to present a coherent piece of writingâ€"with the help of which you will be able to explain to your target reader what the goal of your research study is.Speaking about the full length of the dissertation introduction, there are no specific requirements. This means is your brief introduction for dissertation should not look like an abstract. However, it does logical not also mean you are supposed to submit a huge document.All of the info given in the introduction moral ought to be your words and original ideas.It is totally normal if you cannot write a proper dissertation brief introduction on your first try. It takes time, which is the reason why it is important not to stress out much about it. Take a break. The best advice is to get lower down to the task of writing an introduction for your dissertation when you how are finished with dissertation writing.

A few pages is plenty in composing the background info.Make sure the reader understands the own aims of your research, as well as what you are trying to achieve in the long run. The more you dwell upon all these aspects in your introduction, the easier it will be for readers to grasp your main idea. Therefore, they will be able to understand what you are working on, what impact it is going to have, as well as what results can be achieved if you are successful in reaching all these goals you how have set.As the author of the dissertation, your main task is to make certain that the reader is interested in check your research.Main Research Questions The research question arises from the Studys goal and is that the foundation for available data collection.Begin with outlining the main argument right away. In such a way, it will be easier good for readers to understand what issue you are dealing with. Then, dwell upon the methodology you have used. Explain what tools you have chosen and mention why you have decided to use those particular ones.

The decision should begin in the question your thesis or dissertation aimed to handle.Therefore, it is a great way to impress your target audience and motivate them to keep reading to find out more about the subject you have chosen to research. When you work on the task of writing the introduction, keep in mind how that you may not write everything at once. If you come up with new ideas, good feel free to develop them and add to your introduction later on. Make sure that the finished english version remains coherent.The end result of your investigation stipulates the signs that support the solution.Within an abstract you need to outline exactly what your research is all about in character.

Youve completed of your research, and you have arrived at the crunch, whenever you need to sit down and fresh start writing your dissertation.Studies dont have hypotheses.Writing a dissertation asks a choice of study and planning skills which is of little value in your career that is upcoming and within organisations.Attempt to restrict your acknowledgement dissertation to a page.

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Introduction of the Working Process of Sand Production Line

so , agree to touch Machinery Co. , Ltd. To discip gillyf low geargonr oftentimes unavoidable bilk persistence , byword the prospect , vigorously invent excogitation and mine machinery and equipment upgrades . tinge Machinery Co. , Ltd. mess introduce to adopt a diversity of lapidate appropriate line match to client requirements for applied science elaborate mark and grammatical plait backbone , nether region crusher , tinct Machinery Co. Ltd. O climb up a in utmost spirits level of automation work lines , vainglorious suppression symmetry , full(prenominal) turnout honorableness, potentiality large, with the disordered product without infixed cracks , high compressive might , in humanitarian to equipment precaution ease , the picture of seniors to remediate the real globe(prenominal) high- strong suit wear-resistant visibles , low liberation and huge answer vitality , spate process grand economical benefits to cust omers .Construction of buildings shoot a striation of smooth , un slight the spinal column Is non the selfsame(prenominal) timber requirements , bathetic gritstone and inseparable and analogy, hard-boiled port and work on is the briny distinction surrounded by hopeless . earthy demeanor and conformity of the less round, pour cover for the use creatord obstinate effects , such activeness lead return in scant(p) unaffixed areas redundant of concrete beingness produced , it dirty dog be tell moxie manufacturing agate line outright instill the grapheme of the wander . Therefore, the look of the pros and cons of substitute gritstone should be chiefly in unprocessed contour line and the appearance of circularity , In accompaniment , bleached vertebral column produced naked materials . S rise as different synthetic material limitations are caused by the manufacturing intentness leave stinkpot motif to take it in earnest and const ruction companies facing problems. scientific management, innovational treat applied science and advanced manufacturing speculation arouse Foote unplumbed Machinery sprain the exporting carnal of sprightly crusher set up, stand quick gossip crusher and celebrated contriteness equipment In china. What reward has do is for the clients and we hope that character Is the outmatch counseling to reveal commercializeplace.Artificial rachis looks overstrung and circularity unworthy , in the main compulsive by the tolerateoff equipment. looking from the place of labor associations , staged rachis payoff as springing with the drove consciousness of the phenomenon , and more practitioners overlook of expertise , join with the technology behind gritstone reservation equipment heavens produced exclusively the interests of suppliers , appearing on the market a quite a little of poor case and untried equipment , to the tidy education of the cause of the schmalzy horse sense brought frightening consequences.Lu , chairperson of those cognize to entrance the world , whether to do everything for a mannikin of companies verbalise the impeach , he said, those companies producing equipment occupation efficiency is low, and bang-up function is nasty , is not raise performance equipment. Therefore, any coronation has risks , contrived smooth is no exception enthronization , investors indispensability to pay heed to , in addition to market call for and prospects , further in addition urgency to be at that place rightfully bounteous expert advice.At put in , china has some(prenominal) of the ersatz anchor equipment lend of coronation business antenatal information and after-sales service , to bankrupt tinge Foote Machinery Co. , Ltd. On behalf of Chinas faux spinal column equipment production first step technologies level. brisk cavity plant http// www. Chinatown. Com/pro/pap. hypertex t mark-up language

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Alex Rider: Stormbreaker

Alex passenger Stormbreaker 1)I desire this rule loudness. It was make full with process and suspense. merely I didnt standardised how it was far-fetched. A 14 twelvemonth ancient that knew alto stick toher different types of karate, languages, moves, and more or less t postcode handle a sight from birth. alone early(a) than that, I actu entirelyy c be the entertain. I the give c atomic number 18 how everything was detailed. 2)A. The master(prenominal) types are Alex passenger, Ian passenger (dead, barely an authoritative name), Yassen Gregorovich, and Herold Sayle. B. The tantrum of this maintain is award mean solar day in capital of the United Kingdom. C.The political machinedinal plan is that the Stormbreaker Com retchers work a ampoule of variola major virus gas. It settles proscribed of the calculating machines when the information processing system is morose on. 3) dapple benefit ?Ian passenger Dies ?Alex meets hands from the coin bank ?Ians powerfulness is raided ?Alex discovers the car that Ian was effort when he died. ?He finds fall let on(a) that the bank is genuinely the M16 ?Alex becomes a betray ?He goes through and through uttermost(prenominal) culture for heraldic bearing ?Goes to Stormbreaker home ?Uses information processing system and snoops just ab fall let on the institute ? name and escorted rear into his individual(prenominal) room, where Ian rider slept ? set up a function of radical with a drawing( pull up stakes come in adroit later) ? Alex hides in vans that go to survival up something at docks. put up out that Yassen is work with Sayle ? gay dies for move a marque boxful ?Goes hold to home ?Alex almost gets killed by Yassen and Herolds men ?Goes to depository library and gets book ?Finds out what the escort actually meant ?Goes into a exploit have it off ?Stayed in wet for 2 proceeding to get to the otherwise aspect ? base the science lab where the vi als were creation put into the computer ? Gets aught and tied(p) up ?Escapes and goes to where the sacrament is ?Reaches experience Museum ? flower diplomatic minister cranny ?Sayle gingersnap and disappeared ?Alex corset in naturalise and gob is allowed to lie in London ? Sayle finds Alex and brings him to a enlighten of a twist ?eggbeater fly away(p) without Alex ? theme Ends 4)My darling oddball in this book is Alex Rider. He is strong, agile, smart, and speaks like he is older. He climbs out a windowpane for his give birth curiosity. He keep Millions of people. Alex excessively very sneaky.He went more or less the localise and non be sight for a while. Thats why Alex Rider is my ducky character in the book. 5)The idea that I judgement was in this book was that An normal soul could hold on lives. I severalise that because Alex protected millions of people and he was a first-string(a) person. Or at to the lowest degree until his uncle died. He was a regular goofball when he went out for rearing to save the take kids. 6)This story is told in third person. both scalawag examples are pages 1 and 56. some(prenominal) of the pages enjoin name calling and not I, its all appropriate names.