Thursday, November 21, 2019

10 conditions to invest in Deep Dyve Organisation Essay

10 conditions to invest in Deep Dyve Organisation - Essay Example is a US based company engaged in the business of providing rental services online for scholarly articles obtained from peer reviewed journals which are meant for medical, technical and scientific research purposes. The articles cover wide range of subjects like finance, business, humanities, IT, computer science, life sciences, etc. (Outsell, 2012). The company is headquartered at Sunnyvale, California and was founded in the year 2005. Previously it was named as Infovell, Inc. and was later renamed as DeepDyve, Inc. in the year 2008 (Bloomberg, 2012). Mr. William C. Park is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and director of the company (DeepDyve, 2012a). The company has a unique business model and has been operating its business successfully since its inception. This study entails about the detailed analysis of the company based on ten different conditions. Those ten conditions discussed in this study includes, demand conditions, knowledge conditions, industry life cycle, pattern of t echnological evolution, identification and satisfaction of market needs in real, entry barriers, understanding of customer adoption, feasibility analysis, managing intellectual property rights and the industry structure in which DeepDyve operates its business. Based on the company analysis recommendations have also been suggested for the investors who wishes to invest in the company. Demand Conditions Demand conditions refer to the attributes related to the preferences of customers related to a certain service or product offered by an organisation. There can be different types of dynamics associated with demand conditions in an industry. It can either have an increasing trend or a decreasing trend. It might be stable over a period or fluctuating in nature. Everything depends on the perceptions of customers regarding a service or product offered to them. To be more specific, three of the attributes related to demand conditions prove to be most important for a new or emerging company or industry. They are: a) Market growth, b) Market size, and c) Market segmentation. It has been found by the researchers that larger markets are mostly profitable for newer organisations like DeepDyve. The company has come up with a new business idea and has successfully implemented the idea to transform it into a business which can cater to the demand of the services required by the targeted customers of the company. DeepDyve has established its business with the motive of catering to the needs of information professionals who visit different journal websites in search of information from the articles published on those journals. It has been observed that millions of such professionals visit those journal websites everyday in search of their required information in the journals and the contained articles. However, open access to most of the peer reviewed journals are restricted to only the users who are either affiliated to or associated with certain governmental or educational in stitution or who can afford to pay for the costs of those journals (DeepDyve, 2012b). Hence, DeepDyve has successfully segmented the market for journal access by information professionals who find it inconvenient to search for their required information in hundreds of publishers' websites and are not affiliated to any of the above mentioned institutions to have an open access to the full text materials inside the journals. DeepDyve has come up with a new solution for such targeted information professionals who can search for their required information at one place in the company's websites and they also have

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