Saturday, July 27, 2019

Evaluate Consumer behavior and Identify possible segmentation options Term Paper

Evaluate Consumer behavior and Identify possible segmentation options - Term Paper Example Each product line is then segmented further on the basis of customer comfort which includes â€Å"compression†, â€Å"fitted† and â€Å"relaxed† ( Each of these serves a unique benefit. For instance, the â€Å"fitted† line in particularly suited to athletics who need greater body flexibility, and hence, tighter clothing. At present, the accessories segment is classified into bags, hats as well as gloves for sports that incorporate â€Å"moisture-wicking† fabrics and temperature-control technologies (Hallett). These products claim the benefit of keeping the customer cool and dry in situations where moisture may cause body temperature to heat up resulting in excessive sweating. Therefore, by controlling temperature the products provide customers with the benefit of maintaining their highest and best performance for an extended period of time. This is because users are able to ‘use’ their muscles for longer periods of time (Under Armour). The long sleeves provide protection against cuts, wounds and abrasions that are common in sports requiring high friction. Additionally, to users (performers) who desire to look aesthetically pleasing, the compression technology provides the benefit of enhancing visibility of body muscles. Furthermore, the â€Å"PolyArmour† technology provide s the benefit of protecting the users’ body from UV rays of the sun (Northern Athletic). This acts as a sunscreen averting premature ageing. As far as possible demographic and psychographic segmentation is concerned, the company can use its anti-sweating technology to provide other products such as deodorants that block body odor resulting from stress and sweat. This product can be targeted to virtually anyone, primarily women and men aged 19 and above who are likely to experience hormonal changes that are conducive to more sweating. Furthermore, recognizing the fact that the inclusion of women in sports such as

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