Sunday, July 28, 2019

Global Corporate Sustainable Development Analysis Research Paper

Global Corporate Sustainable Development Analysis - Research Paper Example ll the natural resources, assets, human resources, and also financials in order to ensure long term operation and well being of the organization (Pearce, Barbier and Markandya 4). However the classical definition of sustainable development was given by Bruntland Commission in the year 1987. It defined sustainable development as ‘Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’ (Misra 236). In the context of the study E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company and DuPont will be chosen on which the sustainability factor will be assessed. Apart from this the report will also emphasize on the issues of sustainable development. Furthermore the report will elaborate the challenges that are faced by the company in the context of sustainable development. Thereafter the report will conclude and will offer few suggestions that will be effective for the company in achieving sustainable development. DuPont was established in the year 1802 by Eleuthà ¨re Irà ©nà ©e du Pont. The company is presently it is headquartered at Wilmington, Delaware, U.S. Initially the company started its business as a gunpowder mill. It is basically a chemical manufacturing company. Based on the market capitalization the company is the third largest chemical company of the world. In the year 2009 DuPont was the third largest company in terms of total revenue. In terms of the most sustainable companies of the world the company according to global 100 lists of 2012, the company has been unable to find a place (Global 100). However DuPont was ranked at the 43rd Position by the fortune magazine in terms of ‘most admired companies of the world’. In addition to that according to 100 bets corporate citizens list, it is ranked at the 19th position (â€Å"DuPont Sustainability Recognition and Awards†). Some of the evident products of the company include Corian, Kevlar, Delrin, Nomex, Mylar, Tyvek, Neoprene, Teflon, Nafion, and

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