Thursday, September 26, 2019

Life is college Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Life is college - Essay Example I further hoped that, through healthy relationships both with fellow students and the faculty, I would acquire great approach in learning and handling major courses in my field of choice. To me, being able to value relations with people, time, energy, besides personal abilities is an important duty if one aims for achieving real success. It was in my hope to meet different kinds of people with whom to share ideas or insights for I hoped as well to develop my communication skills and become an assertive and competent student through the span of my college life. Aside from fruitful interactions with other individuals, friends and colleagues alike, I also expected to have a rewarding experience with the academic facilities and resources of ISU, thinking of the possible ways I could utilize them to be equipped with adequate skills and knowledge toward scholastic excellence. On the other hand, however, I was anxious of encountering difficult subjects and instructors who might fall short at teaching the class with efficient tools and methods. I know the subject areas I am often weak at and I normally struggle to cope with subject matters that seem too technical or too analytical to comprehend. Inasmuch as I can, I would typically go an extra mile of studying and asking for all the help I can obtain to prepare myself for major exams and presentations. One of my greatest fears before was being left behind and failing to get by with the mental and emotional challenge of tertiary level studies. I feared loads of curricular assignments and take-home projects that could set me in conflict with time management and especially the potential to produce something that deserves an A. I thought that if I would not be able to interact sufficiently with people due to language barrier and other factors, I might find it hard to pass and finish college with grades that mu st make my parents proud. Now that I am in the eighth week of college at ISU, I must confess

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