Sunday, September 8, 2019

The Problem of Pain Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

The Problem of Pain - Assignment Example Additionally, I employed cognitive behavior therapy. Through the therapy, I often busied my mind with other unrelated psychological activities and avoided discussion of the accident. This way, my mind avoided the pain thereby lessening the intensity (Main, Sullivan & Watson, 2008). A different culture would have approached the pain management differently. I remember my father encouraging me not to cry since male children should not always cry. Apparently, my culture viewed crying as a sign of weakness and men are not weak. I believe the effects of the pain could have been different if it were on my sister. She is younger than me, is a girl and often engages in numerous house chores alongside my mother. I believe she could have cried longer and could have found it difficult to engage her mind on other phenomena besides the traumatizing pain a feature that could have limited the success of cognitive behavior therapy (Hughes, 2008). Main, C. J., Sullivan, M. J. L., & Watson, P. J. (2008).  Pain management: Practical applications of the biopsychosocial perspective in clinical and occupational settings. Edinburgh: Churchill

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