Monday, August 12, 2019

Field Research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Field Research - Essay Example There is no denying the fact that a majority of the top models were affiliated to a few select brands like HTC, Samsung, Apple, Nokia and Blackberry. The Smartphone available at this store evinced a range of features and applications. The Samsung Galaxy S4 happened to be a really top end phone that offered varied flexible possibilities like the option to use microSD to expand the phone memory. This model was virtually an Android powerhouse. The phone came with an eye tracking and Smart Scroll feature that allows scrolling while looking at the screen while keeping the phone a little tilted. There is a smart pause features that pauses the video being played if the user is not looking at the screen. The Air View feature allows implementing advanced functionality by holding or swiping a finger or a hand slightly over the phone. Group Play feature allows for an ad hoc sharing of files between Galaxy phones as is the case in multiplayer games and also facilitates music streaming specifical ly in Galaxy S4 phones. Truly speaking this phone came with a range of advanced features. Apple iPhone 5 also happened to be a top class phone that promised multiple advanced features. ... With its advanced wireless technology, Apple iPhone 5 connects to more networks around the world. The speed is remarkable that allows for a hassle free browsing, streaming and sharing. The phone comes with the new A6 chip that is very powerful, without taxing the battery anymore. HTC One happened to be a Smartphone that came with a range of features not available in other Smartphone. It came with a 4MP UltraPixel Camera that happened to be the best in its class. HTC One runs on Android 4.1 (jellybean) however its user interface is way apart from the regular Android user interfaces. This model has done away with the standard Android hardware button layout and the device could be readily navigated with the help of only two keys. The BlinkFeed feature is really unique as it indeed boosts content sharing, and social media integration. The phone comes with two powerful frontal speakers. The phone comes equipped with an infrared based blaster that allows it to act as an extension to the us ers’ TV. The price of the Smartphone available at this retail outlet varied from as low as $97 for the Blackberry Bold 9650 (without contract) to as high as $605 for Galaxy S4 (without contract). No wonder the price variation in the market for Smartphone is high and a consumer really gets confused as to the brand one can chose. The special thing that was noticed in case of most of the Smartphone models was that packaging and display evinced a hallmark of marketing astuteness. In most of the models the packaging happened to be sleek and was mostly intended to enhance the aesthetic appeal and to allow for easy display and stacking in the stores. In terms of the packaging, most of the brands made it a point to appear innovative and unique. In the Smartphone market there

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