Thursday, August 8, 2019

UK law and Proactive Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

UK law and Proactive Management - Essay Example In order to deal with tenants, the license needs to include the major concern in the license agreements. Some of the concern that should be included in the licenses includes the protection of the structural integrity of the building, having agreements that will attract good clients and establish the management system that does not reduce the value of a property. Since the actual term of the lease is normally included in the hypothetical lease agreement, making the actual lease more onerous does not only make the lease less attractive to the prospective person that need to rent the house leading to a further lowering rent that they are prepared to pay. Most of the time, the tenants would narrow the user provision indicated on the lease agreement so as to pay less rent. The estate manager can consider including the permitting a wider use of the premises so as to reflect the opportunity value to the landlord. According to the Land lord and tenant Act of 1927, after the lease is establis hed, the tenants cannot change the use of the premises without the consent of the landlord. This means that the landlord has a right to refuse consent for a change in the use of the premises. For example, when the word unreasonably withheld is omitted on the lease, the applicable clause would mean that the use of the premises is restricted in advance based on the rent that is paid. But to enhance the rental value to the land lord, the lease needs to expressly indicate that consent would not be withheld.

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