Sunday, August 25, 2019


HOW THE STRATEGIC EMEGENCE OF WALMART HAS AFFECTED MANAGING THEIR TRADE FROM 2011 TILL DATE - Essay Example These included the government operations, competitive position as well other changes from the competitors. Additionally, the reasons that led to its implementation and the different ways with which it was implemented were considered. In this case, the research looked back as to what made it necessary for the Walmart company to come up with the said strategic emergence. They included the challenges and shortcomings that led to the need for change. It also analyzed how the strategic emergence was formulated and implemented and the specific areas that were to be affected by the change. Ultimately, it concentrated on these areas to find out whether the expected change took place or not. This was performed on a step by step basis from the time that the changes were implemented in 2011 and the development that have been observed from that time to the present time. In turn, various solutions were offered in those areas upon which positive outcomes were not realized as a consequence of the e xecution of the strategic emergence (Sieber, 1993, p.14). Some of the factors that determined the choice of research method included reliability and validity. This implied that the results obtained were true, undisputable and could be easily confirmed. As such, the kind of research technique that was used in this research was the qualitative study method because there was a need to provide an insight into the setting of the strategic emergence that was developed at Walmart. This was to help in the generation of ideas and to provide answers for the hypothesis. It was also used in grouping similar results and summing them up to get an overall answer in the form of the quantitative research that was to be used later in the results part of the study. With this, the main reason for using the qualitative design was to reveal the prevalent trends in both thought and opinion with regard to the effect of the

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