Saturday, August 24, 2019

Literacy Autobiography Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Literacy Autobiography Assignment - Essay Example The major advantage is that finance is applied uniformly across different industries and in different countries. Consequently, the motivation behind pursuing finance was modelled by the universality of the career and the versatility that the career offers, which may not be possible in other careers today. A career in finance promises the fastest rate of career advancement compared to other careers today. Compared to other industries, there is much less defined levels of seniority when it comes to finance, making it possible for employees to advance much faster in their career progression goals. In most careers, high performers in finance do move up the ladder much faster compared to the less performing staff regardless of their age. This particularly makes finance the most attractive discipline for ambitious people or those who need to prove their readiness to succeed in the highest levels of management despite their age. All that one need is the right qualifications and the determin ation to work harder and smarter to be courted by leading corporates or work privately to realize these goals. This explains the reason why relatively young finance managers have taken over highly performing organizations today. There is unending thirst for those highly qualified in finance, a thirst that the market has failed to quench. As a result, while careers in other industries are shrinking, in finance the field is ever widening to accommodate more with the high performing professionals finding an easy way to the most lucrative jobs. An article in Forbes magazine stated that currently, there is an increasing demand for financial advisors as more Baby Boomers approach their retirement age and need help on financial management (Touryalai). In addition, the article states that in American today, only 5% of more than 316,000 financial advisers are below 30 years of age, and that the bulk of the existing financial advisors are nearing their retirement age. This has created a huge demand in finance-based professions with the demand expected to increase with time. The operation culture in most finance-based careers offers a favourable working environment that may not be realized in most careers. In finance, the main requirements for professionalism are smartness in thinking, rapid response to situations with the correct solutions and constant flow of results within the required constraints. While these factors may be difficult for some, they are exhilarating for those who make things to happen and are eager to achieve their potentials. Moreover, most firms have much less thin staffing margins and lack the bureaucracy that is common in most careers. Mark Tibergian the CEO of Pershing Advisor Solutions remarked that financial advisors are in a career that offers the right degree of independence for employees and that the career stimulates the intellect of such professionals (Touryalai). This leads to increased confidence and being in control of things in an orga nization. The career in this case will only call for exceptionally hard work, commitment and the right focus to remain afloat, besides succeeding. Those who achieve these qualities will certainly reap great benefits. Finance careers offer the best remunerations compared to other careers in different industries. Considering the field requires those with a thirst to succeed, who have to employ commitment, and the best of

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