Thursday, October 17, 2019

E-business strategy and design exercise Assignment

E-business strategy and design exercise - Assignment Example The value proposition of the company has also been explained in this section. In the second section, few of the areas where improvement need of Amazon have been identified were assessed and correspondingly, suggestive measures have been recommended on the basis of the evaluations made in section 1. In the third and final section of the paper, the e-business strategies of Amazon along with its management issues have been explained. Introduction E-business has emerged as one of the pivotal concerns for every contemporary business that strives to mark its presence in the global realm and obtain competitive success over its long-run performance. In the present market scenario, most of the global companies have realized that with the adoption of the e-business strategy, they can develop their business model in a manner that satisfies the varying needs and diversified concerns of international business partners as well as customers. If the meaning of e-business is to be termed in general s ense, it can be justifiably described as the use of internet or the virtual space in the operational activities of the business to gain a leading position within the targeted market (Turban et al., 2010). When focusing on this subject matter, Inc has often been regarded as an example of best practices in its industry whereby its e-business model has been quite beneficial and productive in adding value to its services among its customers (Damani & Damani, 2007). Amazon, an American multinational, is one of the renowned and largest global e-commerce retailing companies. Amazon has been a pioneer in the application of e-commerce business model that runs its functions through virtual space entirely. It is not only involved in the selling of books and other products, but also renders due significance on gathering the valuable suggestions from the buyers so as to define its customer satisfaction and industrial leadership competencies. It records various movements of its buyers such as the number of visitors who visit its site and how much time do they spend on it while purchasing from a particular category of its product line. All these movements of the buyers are utilised by the company in order to analyse the buying behaviour of consumers in various targeted markets to identify its developmental needs along with its growth potentials. Through the advanced technologies of the e-business, Amazon has been successful in introducing the one stop shopping trend successfully (McGraw-Hill Education, 2013). Section 1 Effective technological tools Amazon has been operating with a mission and a vision to serve its customers as per their conveniences and in a productive manner for the company. Undoubtedly, in doing so, the company has to witness pressures from various international business forces that can be comprehensively addressed through the application of a PESTEL analysis framework. Political. From a critical point of view, it can be observed that because th e e-retail industry is yet in its developing phase within the global context, governmental interventions and political limitations bestowed on the industry as well as faced by Amazon correspondingly, is less. Subsequently, the international sale procedure of Amazon involves various risks mainly in terms of the requirement for import and export licensing that

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