Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Nursing Care Plan for Dementia and Analysis Essay

Nursing Care Plan for Dementia and Analysis - Essay Example It will be the primary objective that the patient be assessed with utmost scrutiny in regards his physical, mental, and behavioural conditions. In this way, the health care giver will know the key areas of concern and be able to supply adequate attention and intervention. In the development of a holistic nursing care plan, the locus of attention is not only the person with dementia. It caters to the family and the institutional care givers as well, because there evolves a complex interplay of roles among these components of the triad. A holistic approach in intervention conveys the need to apply a variety of dementia approaches to ensure better treatment of the signs and symptoms associated with Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Medical history is important in the clinical diagnosis. After gathering the medical records of the patient, social and environment factors including his family will also be part of the assessment in order to inquire about the patient’s physical, psychological and behavioural manifestations during the time when Bill is under their custody of care. All information obtained from the evaluations will help the nurse practitioner to assess the patient’s current functional state and ability and therefore determine the best treatment or intervention. Likewise, assessment of the patient’s incontinence which includes his urine and bowel elimination is important as this is one of the key areas of concern. Bill has been incontinent of urine since 2006 and incontinent of faeces in 2007. Through employment of regular toileting, the patient would be able to maintain skin integrity and with the establishment of such pattern, reduction of faecal incontinence and anxiety manifestation may be obtained. Daily charting and documentation of the patient’s skin integrity and bowel movement would be developed. Second, Nutrition is also assessed, by obtaining Bill’s weight and

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