Friday, October 4, 2019

HCM367-0801B-01 The Health Care Organization - Phase 2 Discussion Essay

HCM367-0801B-01 The Health Care Organization - Phase 2 Discussion Board - Essay Example of physicians, nurses and para-medics, and our health plan which provides medical and health care to thousands of patients, and group health plans which assist thousands of employees in various firms and their families is witness and testimony to the goodwill Vitruvian enjoys. Our involvement in the medical field makes it obligatory for us to pursue excellence while providing the healing touch. Our principles and policies have been established and nurtured over the years which speak for themselves on the course we have chosen in spite of difficulties and hurdles that came our way. There is no question of any deviation on issues concerning our vision and mission. As has always been the case, we will continue to involve in the best practices, attract the best medical professionals, follow the best ethical and business standards, and provide the most effective care and services to society at large for the mutual benefits of our patients as well as our staff and partners. Medical treatment and practices have existed since the foundation of the world. A great amount of faith and fellowship blended with the line of treatment that Dr Montenegro espoused and demonstrated. It challenged the modern day often misinterpreted belief that the best medical treatment can be found only in technologically advanced facilities. Many times these advanced facilities are resorted to even when simpler ones would have sufficed. Nevertheless, the scope to harness the best in technology does exist. As is the case in the medical fraternity the world over, and keeping in view the tremendous potential in the medical technology of the day, it is imperative that we have access to the best medical treatment and facilities for the mutual benefit of our patients and our organization, as and when required. The guiding principles enshrined in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will continue to be operational in the future as it is so now. Any changes or modifications required in the days ahead

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